It is unfortunate that people often judge others based on someone else’s opinions or perspectives, revealing a certain weakness of mind. True strength lies in the ability to form independent judgments and not succumb to the insecurities and jealousies of others.

Each individual has the capacity to think critically, analyze situations, and make informed decisions for themselves. It is crucial not to let the negative judgments or biases of others influence your own perception of yourself or others.

By embracing your uniqueness and being true to your own values and beliefs, you can rise above the noise of conformity and become a beacon of individuality. Instead of merely following the crowd, strive to be a leader—a role model who inspires others to think for themselves and stand up for what they believe in. In doing so, you create a path for personal growth, encourage diversity of thought, and contribute to a more enlightened and inclusive society.

Remember, it takes courage and strength to be independent, but the rewards are immeasurable, both for yourself and for those around you.

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Two  Replies to this:

People know their survival is dependent on approval of the group, so they choose to do what is safest, and never trust their own judgement. If there is nothing they feel will support the relationship and it is an uphill fight them the will simply discard the person they were interested in as worthless and unable to fulfill their ego needs. We chose friends this way to. If others thinks someone has nothing to barter with like money, social connections, and image boost, they will not invest and will trash who ever everyone else says isn’t any good without caring about much else. It’s safer to do what others approve of in your social group so you never feel you are disliked or not caring for yourself by allowing a reject to be liked by you without permission.

On the other side if someone has created enough hype around themselves people will praise, suck up to and try to get near those with fame or popularity they can use. it’s the way humans seem to be in the majority of circumstances. What you are born worth is what will dictate how many people want to associate with you. If a group is not appreciative of you LEAVE and don’t look back, while you can. Or else you are going to be made ill by people shit behavior towards you. – Sue Sana


It is easy to believe what others say about someone instead of taking out the time to observe. We humans are lazy creatures. You will find very few people who try to understand you instead of believing rumours. – Shatakshi Chatterjee


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