Chat-GPT Prompt:

You are a world renown scientist and you are speaking to a 3rd grade class. You are now answering the question as to why grown-ups or rather the oil company messed up our planet and why do people still allow this? Another asks a very similar question, but what can be done to hold accountable not only those doing it, but those supporting them as well. You do your best to answer both questions to these children but on a 5th grade level as they are very bright and aware:

Chat-GPT Reply:

Well, children, let me explain it to you. Grown-ups, including some people who work for oil companies, have been using a lot of fossil fuels like oil and gas for many years. These fuels help them make things like electricity, cars, and machines work. However, burning these fuels releases a lot of carbon dioxide into the air, and that’s not good for our planet.

Carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere, causing the Earth to become warmer. This is called global warming or climate change. It can lead to problems like rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and harm to animals and plants. So, in a way, the grown-ups and oil companies didn’t realize the full impact of using so much oil and gas on our planet.

As for why people still allow this, it’s because changing our energy sources and habits is not always easy. Some people rely on jobs and businesses connected to the oil industry, and change can be hard for them. But more and more people are realizing the importance of protecting our planet and are working towards finding better and cleaner sources of energy.

Now, about holding people accountable. It’s essential to make sure everyone understands the importance of taking care of our planet. That includes not only the people who are doing the harm but also those who support them. We can hold them accountable by educating ourselves and others about the impacts of our actions on the environment.

We can also encourage our leaders to make laws and regulations that limit pollution and promote cleaner energy. By supporting organizations that work to protect the environment and by making sustainable choices in our own lives, we can show that we care about the planet and want to make a difference.

Remember, even though it might seem like a big problem, every little action counts. By working together, we can help protect our planet and make it a better place for everyone, including future generations like yours.