La Excelencia is a New York-based salsa band known for infusing traditional salsa music with modern elements, creating a vibrant and energetic sound. The group was formed in the early 2000s and quickly gained recognition for their dynamic performances and innovative approach to salsa music.

Their second album, “Mi Tumbao Social,” released in 2009, showcased their unique style and featured tracks that became instant hits among salsa enthusiasts. One such track is “Unidad,” interpreted by Gilberto Velazquez and composed and arranged by Julian Silva. The song embodies La Excelencia’s commitment to unity and social consciousness, with its infectious rhythm and powerful lyrics.

This YouTube video, “Live at the Barbican Theatre in London, England,” captures the band’s electrifying performance of “Unidad” in front of an enthusiastic audience. The Barbican Theatre, known for its diverse cultural programming, provides the perfect backdrop for La Excelencia’s fusion of traditional salsa rhythms and contemporary flair. With Gilberto Velazquez leading the vocals and the band’s tight instrumentation, this performance promises to be a memorable showcase of La Excelencia’s musical prowess and passion for salsa music.