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“In a world where some resist change, creativity and honesty emerge as our strongest allies.”

In the quest to understand the profound impact of honesty and creativity in our lives, I recently delved into videos that explored the concept of ‘honesty.’ It was a self-reflective journey, one that forced me to question the recurring troubles I faced with family, friends, and acquaintances. Years ago, I made a personal commitment to refrain from speaking ill of others behind their backs, to be unwaveringly honest, cease the habit of complaining, and eliminate excuses from my vocabulary. In essence, I vowed to take full responsibility for my life, recognizing the interconnectedness of actions and their consequences.

This self-imposed set of principles became a steadfast guide in my life, adhered to almost entirely – around 90%, to be precise – with the exception of honesty, which I proudly upheld at a remarkable 99.01%. I found myself unable to deceive others, except when the truth served as a means to prevent them from harming themselves.

However, my unwavering commitment to honesty had consequences, especially when it came to addressing our pressing Climate Emergency. My unwavering stance on this critical issue stirred considerable unrest among those who preferred the status quo and mis/dis-information, reluctant to embrace cleaner energy solutions. It’s important to clarify that I bear no ill will toward them, as I believe they are probably well-intentioned people. Nonetheless, they are, in my eyes they tend to choose the road of extreme hypocrisy.

But why this conflict? The Climate Emergency, as I see it, will ultimately hurt the most vulnerable in society—our children. Yet, these same individuals are also keen on limiting women’s choices regarding their own bodies and deny the existence of climate change, a stance I vehemently oppose. The reason they single me out for scrutiny, and I say this without boasting, is due to my lifelong engagement in creative artwork and my speaking up using this medium, which has now evolved to focus on contemporary issues.

My artistic expression takes the form of carefully curated images, thought-provoking blog posts, and apparel adorned with these striking visuals. I aim to encourage people to approach reality with common sense and tap into their innate wisdom. This approach appears to unsettle those who thrive on controlling others through outdated or unrealistic ideologies.

Now, I view them differently than before. I’ve transitioned from fear to fearlessness, and now I see them as individuals entitled to their own opinions and actions, just as I have mine. While they may follow and engage in unwarranted surveillance, I remain focused on my own path. Their actions toward me no longer elicit a response, attacks, or comments. Instead, I see them pursuing their own objectives, which are predominantly non-violent. I accept their choices and hope that one day they will develop a conscience that regards others as human beings as opposed to a means towards their goals.

In the meantime, I use their actions as stepping stones to become stronger and a better version of myself. Honesty has become an integral part of my identity, and I will never compromise it, except when it’s necessary to prevent harm to a person or others. The solution to our shared Climate Emergency demands honesty, an ethical mindset, concern for our children’s future, and a passionate commitment to employ creativity as a tool to combat this looming threat.

A quote I created aptly puts it in perspective, “Those who seek to control others view creativity and honesty as a threat.” In this battle for a sustainable future, our honesty and creativity shine as beacons of hope in the face of adversity.

Addendum – “The Noble Virtue of Profound Honesty: Navigating the Complexity”

In a world clouded by deception and half-truths, the importance of being profoundly honest stands as an unwavering beacon of integrity and authenticity. To delve into this profound virtue, we must consider both the cherished ideals it embodies and the discomfort it sometimes elicits in those who encounter it. Today, as a concerned citizen committed to addressing the Climate Emergency, I explore the intricate tapestry of honesty, inviting you to see why it bothers some while remaining an essential moral compass.

Cultivating honesty is akin to nurturing a rare and delicate flower amidst the chaos of modern life. It demands a steadfast commitment to truth, no matter how difficult or inconvenient it may be. Honesty, as I put it is; “the soil from which the roots of trust grow,” and trust, we know, is the foundation of any meaningful relationship.

The disconcertment that can arise when meeting someone profoundly honest is often rooted in the fear of vulnerability. This radical transparency can strip away the comfortable layers of falsehood and pretense, leaving individuals exposed in the rawness of their true selves. As indicated by this other quote I created, “Honesty is like a mirror, revealing not only others but also our own reflections.” This unvarnished reflection of our true nature can be unsettling, forcing us to confront our own insecurities and shortcomings.

In the realm of the Climate Emergency, honesty is a powerful tool that exposes the harsh realities of our environmental challenges. Some may recoil from this honesty, as it forces them to confront the magnitude of the crisis and their role in it. Denial can provide temporary solace, but as I remind all of us, “Denial, like a mirage, dissipates in the face of unyielding truth.” Profound honesty compels us to acknowledge our collective responsibility for the Climate Emergency, and this can be a bitter pill to swallow.

Yet, embracing profound honesty is not without its rewards. It forges stronger connections, fosters empathy, and drives positive change. By confronting the truth of the Climate Emergency, we can inspire action, promote sustainable living, and collectively work towards a better future.

The discomfort some experience when encountering profound honesty should not deter us from upholding this noble virtue. Instead, it should serve as a reminder of its transformative power. As indicated by yet another quote I made “In the crucible of honesty, our weaknesses melt, leaving only the strength to face what must be faced.” The Climate Emergency is a challenge that demands nothing less than our unwavering honesty and commitment to change.

In conclusion, the importance of profound honesty cannot be overstated. It is a moral compass that guides us through the turbulent waters of life, illuminating the path of truth and integrity. While it may unsettle some, it is essential for fostering trust, empathy, and collective action, especially in the face of the Climate Emergency.

As we embrace this virtue, we as concerned citizen with a profound commitment to truth and raising awareness about our world’s most pressing issues must never hold back in protecting our children’s future using wisdom, honesty, creativity and passion.



(Drafted several years ago, around 2018, with some sections (not all) enhanced using AI on November 8th, 2023. I can’t find the original version, which I believe, along with many others dating back to 2006, is stored in a bin. Eventually, I’ll retrieve them to share. Additionally, I included a side note on the proper approach to seeking revenge when faced with an attack or intimidation.)

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