Will Awareness Prevail Before It’s Too Late?

Considering the gravity of the ongoing events, it becomes essential to ponder the potential consequences. Let us pause and reflect upon the high stakes associated with our continued emission of CO2 and other pollutants, as well as the unchecked deforestation driven by the meat industry.

What demands genuine comprehension is the direct jeopardy posed to the lives of our offspring. This is a matter that cannot be treated lightly. The pursuit of Greed and Power, whether to maintain or amass, has orchestrated a trajectory toward an increasingly uninhabitable planet. Regrettably, this trajectory jeopardizes the future of our children, leaving them with either no prospects or a life confined within protective enclaves. These enclaves would be necessary due to the escalating external temperatures, which rise consistently year after year.

Take a moment once again to fully grasp the urgency of the situation. The potential loss of countless young lives due to the Climate Emergency signals an era past the point of Ocean Acidification, rendering oceans lifeless and annihilating nearly all marine species. Biodiversity faces severe impairment, though the eventual temperature decline might pave the way for new species—yet even this is far from certain.

We are fashioning a world that parallels the hostile environment of Venus. As some experts caution, temperature projections could conceivably surge to an unprecedented 300 degrees Fahrenheit, a fate beyond the realms of exaggeration. Such a scenario would undoubtedly spell extinction for all forms of life.

Pause once again and contemplate the far-reaching repercussions: a planet devoid of its myriad animal species bereft of plant life and a future where our children grapple with a world bereaved of the elderly and infirm.

While admittedly sounding implausible, history attests to the veracity of such claims. Each passing year only intensifies the heat, while CO2 emissions persist unchecked. Fossil fuel industries maintain their drilling rights, and various projects continue to receive the green light. Though renewable initiatives are gradually gaining traction, the pace is far from commensurate with the exigency of the situation.

Furthermore, certain leaders and politicians appear either complacent or preoccupied with issues that, in the face of the Climate Emergency, appear inconsequential. Priorities are misaligned, with attention diverted towards topics like Women’s Reproductive Rights, and groundless fears of Climate Refugees—who, in truth, are victims rather than instigators.

It’s heartening to note that some leaders, primarily within the Democratic, Independent, Working Families, or Green Parties, genuinely prioritize this crisis. However, their numbers fall short of the critical mass required to enact the necessary climate legislation, bills, and policies.

Once more, reflect upon the profound implications of our shared Climate Emergency—a stark reality that translates to the loss of innocent lives, including children. Regardless of religious affiliation, this sobering notion should resonate deeply, unless one’s ideology resists the irrefutable evidence at hand.

It’s disconcerting to fathom that despite three decades of warnings or more, our society continues to spin its wheels even though the chain broke long ago. It’s a testament to disbelief that we find ourselves in this predicament, with the gravity of its impact on our children yet to fully permeate public consciousness.

Indeed, an astonishing state of affairs.

I would refrain from emphasizing these grim facts were it not for the myriad scientific experts earnestly cautioning us to sever our dependence on fossil fuels. Failure to do so may ultimately lead us to join the ranks of species on the brink of extinction.

Thank you for considering my impassioned perspective.

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How the Climate Emergency Might Affect Our Kids

Will we realize it soon enough?

It is super important to understand what might happen because of all this climate stuff. Take a moment to think about what could go wrong if we keep making too much CO2 and other yucky things and let the meat people keep cutting down forests.

The big deal to know is that our kids’ lives might be in danger, for real. We can’t take this lightly at all. Because of Greed and Power (those who want more stuff or control), the Earth is getting worse every day. If it keeps going this way, our kids might not have a good future. They might need to live in special bubbles to stay safe from the heat outside, which keeps getting hotter every year.

I want you to stop and really think about how important this is. If we do not fix the Climate Emergency, bad things could happen. Animals might disappear, oceans might become empty, and lots of different kinds of creatures might almost go away. Even though new creatures might appear when things get cooler again, we cannot be sure about that.

We’re making our planet become a bit like the super-hot planet Venus. Some smart people (scientists) say the temperatures could go up a lot, even up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. And that is not an exaggeration! This could mean everything on Earth might die out.

Pause again and think about what might happen. There could be no animals left, plants might disappear, and our kids might have a hard time because the older people and sick folks could be gone already.

I know it sounds kind of crazy, but look at history. Every year gets hotter, we keep putting lots of CO2 in the air, and the fossil fuel stuff is still being used even though it is bad. The good energy sources like wind and sun are growing, but not fast enough.

Then there are leaders and politicians who are just okay with things or focus on things like stopping certain rights for women, supporting a group called NRA, and making people scared of those who move because of the climate (we call them Climate Refugees). But these people are actually victims, not problems.

There are some leaders who care and want to do good things, especially from the Democratic, Independent, Working Families, or Green Parties. But they are not enough to make the important rules about the climate because they are not many.

Think about this one more time: the Climate Emergency is a big deal. It means kids might die. Even if you believe in a religion, this should really matter to you, unless your beliefs don not let you see how serious this is.

It is hard to believe that we have known about this problem for over 30 years, but we are still not doing enough. It is like we are trying to bicycle a car with a broken chain. It is really hard to understand that since we are in this situation why some people still don not get how bad it is for our kids.

It is unbelievable!

I would not keep talking about this if scientists and other smart people were not saying we have to stop using so much dirty stuff like fossil fuels. If we do not, we might end up extinct, just like some endangered animals.

Thanks for reading what I had to say!


“Advocating for Our Children’s Future: Battling the Climate Crisis”

Regarding a particular feedback I have received, I would like to clarify my approach to using ChatGPT. I create all the content myself, and I rely on ChatGPT for specific tasks: correcting sentence grammar, suggesting better word choices, and improving sentence structure, as this is especially where I struggle. This collaboration often leads to remarkable results, particularly in enhancing the quality of my writing.

To shed light on the matter, I occasionally request ChatGPT to adjust the tone of my content to different levels, like 12th-grade, 9th-grade, 5th-grade, scholarly, or scientific, although I don’t always use this feature.

An essential point I’d like to emphasize is that I have no fear or concern about others’ perceptions of me. My primary focus is my earnest effort to prevent humanity, especially our children, from facing the peril of extinction. This is a cause that truly drives and motivates me.

It is worth noting that there are individuals who disagree with my work—climate deniers, anti-science advocates, and those aligned with the fossil fuel industry. I am well aware of their criticism and even face harassment from time to time. However, this doesn’t deter me in the slightest. What matters to me is the pursuit of truth and the urgency of addressing our shared Climate Emergency.

One of my biggest sources of concern is the apparent willful ignorance of some, who might be bound by specific ideologies—whether religious or status quo-oriented. Despite this, I remain hopeful that, over time, they may come to embrace a more informed perspective. After all, the reality of the Climate Emergency cannot be ignored forever.

Lastly, I’d like to reiterate that safeguarding our children is of utmost importance. This is a deeply personal mission for me, given my concerns for the future of my nieces, nephews, kids, and the children of friends. Their well-being drives my dedication to this cause.

Thanks for reading this article.


(Absolutely none of this content is mis/dis-information or even misrepresented, even the 300o  Fahrenheit temperature increase.  This fact came from the scientific documentary; ‘How Hot Is It Going To Get’ carried by Prime Video.)

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