Permaculture instructor Andrew Millison visits the Central Arizona Project canal and shows how the raised canal structure has inadvertently become a major water harvesting swale that stretches across a wide landscape, and is one of the broadest examples of a desert swale in existence…all by accident!

What I said was: “It was started in 1973, the year I was born, and it was completed in 1993. So this is about 30 years of this canal being here”. This canal has been here since 1993. It is now 2022. That’s about 30 years that this canal has been here.
2) The yearly evaporation from the canal is 5 billion gallons, not 5 million gallons.
3) The CAP doesn’t supply 80% of Arizona’s population. It reaches 80% of Arizona’s population.
These are two different things. Sorry about that!!!
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