Subjective Introduction:

You don’t understand anything until you learn it more than one way.” – Marvin Minsky

About Ideas and GEM (mostly subjective):

Say around 1965 to the late 70’s we (my siblings, friends and I) were raised with access to nature. We were so used to being in the woods playing drums, bottle digging, snake hunting, swimming at the creek, and hiking.

These was truly wonderful memories and instilled in us a tremendous amount of appreciation and love for nature. In time we realized that for humanity there are possessions in life money simply should not buy or gamble with; the top three most important being of course our health, our environment especially now in the age of Climate Emergency, and most of all our children which includes their future (families) existence on this planet.

What is the GEM? (Green Emergency Manuscript)

We have first raised a dust and then complain we cannot see” – George Berkeley

Well, GEM is not an actual manuscript or manual but a basically several ideas I entertained that might help us all face and tackle this Climate Emergency as well as satisfy my insatiable need to share what I learn in the form of these and other ideas.

I have written everything in an easy to understand format since I am not that refined, so for those who are very educated please note that this is written for people like myself or basically that like to read without continuously running to look into a dictionary as one reads.

Every man ought to be inquisitive through every hour of his great adventure down to the day when he shall no longer cast a shadow in the sun. For if he dies without a question in his heart, what excuse is there for his continuance?” – Frank Moore Colby

I believe we can create a better planet!

What drives me is my intense concern like many others to see a safe and stable climate for our children and their future, to see us live in harmony not always based on getting over, getting rich or getting even. When all the Biden’s/Harris climate appointments were made I assure you that was yet another dance waiting to happen from many of us. Thank you President Biden and Vice-President Harris.

Yes at first I constantly questioned myself about my choice of Climate Action, but now I am totally motivated by both the stark reality that is in front of us and observing others working to see a future that is brighter than the track we are on by speaking out one way or another.

A really big thank you to people like Greta Thunberg, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez, Bill McKibben, David Attenborough, Naomi Klein, Rhiana Gunn-Wright, Varshini Prakash, Alexandra Cortez-Ocasio, David Suzuki, Margaret Klein-Soloman, Al Gore, Daisaku Ikeda, Bill Nye, James Hansen, and the list goes on are those who are either directly on the front lines or have for years worked behind the scenes. Thank you and I believe we are wise us to focus on them and others as they provide a great source of enthusiasm, encouragement, wisdom, know-how, and knowledge.

Adopting a mentor(s) in the Climate World is very wise as it is wise to be careful as the anti-science and climate deniers have setup websites, books, ill-informed so called ‘authors,’ and other venues that drive one completely in the incorrect direction. If in doubt find ways to confirm that your sources are trust-worthy.

In terms of my input please note that you are reading this by choice (not obligated to read further) and note this will not solve all the issues that come from our current climate crisis yet it will start solidifying in my opinion a united effort towards our collective goal of seeing us adapt to the damage willfully caused by the fossil-fuel industry and others.

So please keep in mind what I share here are simply ideas, and suggestion that I hope can benefit or contribute to the any type of viable Climate Action; such as the Green New Deal and United Nations SDGs for example. Nothing more!

Regarding the ‘Green Emergency Manual (manuscript)’ idea:

How can we bring this beast to its knees? I am not just talking about unethical capitalism here, I am also talking about greed and other human-natures that drive it and other transgressions. I am talking about how this avarice is threaded throughout our entire planet. We-the people are the proverbial elephant with the chain that is really easy to break yet we have been fearful of the effects or what freedom from it would feel like.

We’re all so clogged with dead ideas passed from generation to generation that even the best of us don’t know the way out” – Peter Weiss

I had turned this idea over in my mind numerous times, wondering not so much if it made sense, I am confident it does, but moreover, the thought of how to present it. Then came the introduction of ‘The Green New Deal’ and so I thought this idea (formally idea #9) could one way or another be implemented into the Green New Deal as a way to help with the economy, organizing, communication, education, uniting us, the people and most of all diminish poverty not just here in the U.S. but world-wide on a grassroots level.

Just like the famous picture of that kid kicking that tin can as he walks; at this point you can keep reading or just simply kick this tin can to the side of the road and keep moving. It is important to me that one does not feel obligated or coerced to be here. It is always your choice. In this regard, in understanding some of these ideas there is always a method to the madness.

If you do not understand anything here I will always clarify what I mean if asked. Here is not just about encouraging people and communities to put up Solar Panels and Wind Energy methods, the intention is to go much deeper, meaning how we can learn from experience, grow from hardships, educate ourselves in order to improve our future, find ways to protect the children of this planet and how to take personal responsibility for our lives so that the effects will improve society.

We do not want to repeat this and must include science instead deluded ideology in tackling what obstacles are in front of us. This might not be how we arrived here in some regards, but this is definitely one of the reasons we have been stuck or stagnant in terms of tackling this rival. Understand? Basically insist that science is also included in all future discourse and actions.

Intolerance of ambiguity is the mark of an authoritarian personality.” – Theodor W. Adorno

I am a strong believer in the notion of the; I got mines, so the hell with you, mentality has come to an end and it is now the time of ‘we-the-people’ helping, supporting, and being there for each other world-wide – I think about it this way, the government cannot govern without the people, companies cannot survive without the people, and so on. This indicates that it is truly the ‘age of humanity’ as we can stop buying what companies are selling (both materials and ill-ideas) and provide the government(s) with viable and helpful suggestions and ideas.

At times I know I sound like a broken record yet it is better to have a full understanding as one moves on.

The unethical corporations, the banks that are deceitful, the social media engines that smile in our faces but behind our backs sell our privacy and the media that live in the pockets of the wealthy; these cannot function without us, the-people. They will also be crippled unless they assist in tackling this Climate Emergency.

As you and I take Personal Responsibility for mending the things that are out of order in our community and nation in general, we would surely witness a transformed, developed and civilized society.” – Sunday Adelaja

GEM is not just an idea about rejecting what they are selling, it is also a way to change that part of our society that is destroying the planet and all living species, including ourselves. There is an amazing amount of simple steps we can take to break away from our reliance of these unethical influences that hold us hostage, and I mean many.

However the fact is that there is a small faction that works to thwart, discourage, and diminish hope for our future by taking action on behalf of their handlers. These include climate deniers (paid and not paid), anti-science groups (paid and not paid), fossil-fuel hackers (paid), also paid knuckle-draggers or breadcrumb grabbers of the wealthy and fossil fuel both, as well as individuals who are religiously influenced with misconceptions and dogma.

We can say that GEM refers to beneficial resources for we-the-people world-wide and how we can all benefit from it using what I am going to suggest in the four parts, then continued on in the Idea Engine where your ideas or edits are inputted. Whether we want to accept it or not, due to our current climate crisis, we are now all global-citizens, the effects of climate change knows no boundaries and neither should we in dealing and combating it.


Keep in mind, I sincerely offering this as a suggestion and as a very concerned human-being of this planet, after all this is my planet too. I am humbly hoping I am permitted to make suggestions and ideas that I strongly sense will help our situation. I hope that is ok with everyone reading this (thus far).

Those who are lifting the world upward and onward are those who encourage more than criticize.” – Elizabeth Harrison

I know for a fact some steps we should immediately start taking as communities and this is based on information and acquired knowledge from several sources which includes developing ideas after reading such resources outlined throughout this and cCc.

For example I have incredible ideas and suggestions from places such as Daisaku Ikeda’s yearly Peace Proposals to the United Nations, The Earth Charter (such as the book The Earth Charter in Action), Noam Chomsky’s articles, Climate and Prepper’s Resources, Books, articles, and Videos by Bill Nye, Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, Greta Thunberg, Peter Seidel, Al Gore, Elizabeth Kolbert, Michael E. Mann, IPCC reports, United Nations, Sunrise Movement, Guy Dauncey, Margaret Klein-Soloman, James Hansen, Laurie David, Paul Hawken, Mike Berners-Lee, David R. Boyd, Dahr Jamil, Bridget Heos, Josh Fox, David De Rothschild, Have-a-Think, Dr. Peter D. Carter, Elizabeth Woodworth, Arundhati Roy, Patrick Mazza, and many, many others, so it is there, pulling tools and making them accessible is one of the necessities.

(Hint: read anything by these authors, especially those with recently released books)

There are also other extremely informative and helpful climate websites and organizations that might not be so well known in the United States but this will change with your visiting this site as I will point to every single ‘good’ resource I can find in time.

Like myself we must not be at the effect or allow them to affect our progress. Who is them? I am speaking anyone whether companies or individuals that rather see us going in the wrong direction. For instance the Climate Deniers and Anti-Science groups stop at nothing to make sure we do not gravitate towards ‘Renewable Energy’ and other beneficial policies. They are very real and work tirelessly, so any viable change always invites the winds of their resistance. Many times the efforts towards goodness requires the acceptance that a battle to breakthrough is a commonality.

I will point any resources that can help you at home, in your mayors or governor’s office, in agriculture and more. This is part of my 2030 goal, to provide a direction to ‘good’ truthful and helpful information. It is a hobby for me but also a salary (tips welcomed) in order to feed myself and pay my rent, not to mention the fees for running my site(s). (More on that here – tick).


Working together should enable us to resolve a broad range of problems better than single individuals can, but sadly, we know this often is not so. When people work together more knowledge, more talent, and more ideas are available, however complicating factors such as groupthink, bureaucracy, individual stubbornness, greed, jealousy, destructive competition, and status seeking come into play. Rational, responsible behavior becomes even more difficult, and when we attempt to work together on a large scale as in a democratic government, decisions can be hard to reach or even be perverted.” – Peter Seidel

From this quote above, we should accept that although our actions differ at times from each other, our focus is or should be unified, the prime point of this focus being our children and their future enjoying a safe and stable climate.

If we keep this prime objective as a focal point then it will reduce all that yucky stuff like jealousy, animosity, arguments and so forth. All united working to keep ourselves, especially our children off the extinction list. This is the primary focus.

As a result of not losing this focus, other areas of human suffering will decrease and resolution to other issues will start to diminish even when methods and actions differ, the focus remains the same. This I learned directly from those mentioned above.

AGAIN! Our goal or focus is non-other than working to make sure that our children, heck – the whole humanity does not hit the extinction list. Point Blank!

Living species, the animal world, biodiversity, and our health is included in this goal or focus. It is all symbiotic meaning one relies on the other for humanitarian existence otherwise we simply revert to becoming beasts in the wild scavenging for food (this is the dreadful opposite end of this spectrum).

A reminder (repost) of this point will be included in GEM #1.


One of the most important effects of this GEM… is that ethical Firemen, Teachers, Law-Enforcement, Nurses, Emergency Services, Essential Support, and Youth with the Mayors and Governors overseeing will see relief to their financial woes. At the same time the public that participates will also benefit from this financially as well.

So from here on in, when you see Climate Warriors written here it refers to: Ethical Firemen, Teachers, Law-Enforcement, Nurses, Emergency Services, Essential Support, selected Mayors, Governors, Youth, and those we-the-people at the forefront of the Climate Emergency battle. (The term Climate Warrior as described here refers to cCc site(s) only, some other organizations, websites also use the words Climate Warriors differently.)

It will take a small financial sacrifice from each and every one of us; however, it will be a voluntary sacrifice where something very beneficial is gained in return, well actually two things are gained. Repeating, something is gained in return, actually, this is what will cement the idea in part two of GEM. After reading the idea it will not at all seem like a sacrifice.

We can criticize ideas such my ideas, but with that it would be great to see the ideas of those criticizing and condemning so we have other options, and if one is critical without offering ideas, keep in mind that ideas, suggestions, and inventions is what helped us evolve and if following those that disagreed at the time we would probably be still swinging from branch to branch.

Basically in any positive and sincere efforts, do note that it is not wise to condemn ideas if you criticize but do not have alternative ideas or viable suggestions to offer otherwise we do not have time to stay struck in sentiments due to the gravity of this emergency. This also means that those with ideas let us hear them and do not get put off by those who criticize. That is how time is wasted, following long threads of critical arguments that lead nowhere, it is a form of delay and sometimes done by design.

We-The-People in the Age of Humanity:

When we think in terms of ‘we-the-people’, we have to now from the bottom of our hearts and soul think about others compassionately, we can no longer fall into the mentality that has been not only prevalent but destroying us. We have to change our mindset, it is now ‘us’ and not ‘mines.’

I realize some do not make it easier for us to care about them, I get that. I struggle with this myself when I think of Climate Deniers and Anti-Science individuals, on one hand I feel sorry for them and on the other hand I wish to educate them. Some people will change when they make up their minds to and not before, so I suppose patience is the key word here.

[Translated] The idea is to show that all citizens of the world are aware and the common environmental and ecological objective is not individualist, it is about solidarity and the sharing between populations, that we are all in the same boat. That is planet Earth. If each one of us accept taking one step forward to change little habits, which then evolves into systematic change, we will be able to solve the crisis of climate change which threatens the entirety of humanity. – Romain Porcheron

I really appreciated what Greta Thunberg said about not all of us being in the same boat, basically she is 100% correct because many of us do not act or simply are not in the same boat, including me in the past. She is also right as it applies to leadership in this country (United States) and other countries and many individuals, wealthy or not. It is my opinion that we must encourage self-transformation and self-education as this is one way to bring everyone into the same Climate Action boat. Ultimately it is about we-the-people in striving in solidarity.

Essentially, at this point many of us know that ‘we no longer have anything to lose’ due to the car (actually now it is a roller-coaster) heading straight for the Climate Emergency wall, preparedness then becomes more of a necessity than an obligation.

Personal Faith Aspect:

No one but a fool would measure their satisfaction by what the world thinks of it.” – Oliver Goldsmith

Keep in mind these thoughts and ideas are directed towards our collective climate adaptation efforts; self-transformation is personal in which one undertakes through their own chosen beliefs; personal maturity and the former cannot or might not come to elucidation without the latter.

Basically it is also helpful that your faith or beliefs also works to enhance your efforts towards a sustainable planet, but this aspect is personal to you. Climate Change Community understands and respects this, however any religious self-transformation should always lead to enhancing our determination to see a healthy, secure and safe planet for our children and their families to come.

Climate Change Community has no intention to impede on anyone’s faith but will call it out if it is counter to saving our humanity from extinction, we are simply saying in a nutshell that due to the gravity of this Climate Emergency any faith should work towards securing a sustainable planet for our legacy, the children. That’s all!

World-War III – The Battle!

In a sense, this battle against our climate emergency now is in reality like world-war III, but instead of fighting fellow human-beings, we have to fight the effects of greed driven corporations, individuals and their hired-hands. It is as indicated in Bill McKibben’s book FALTER, — it can no longer be, ‘business as usual.’

By the way, the New Yorker Magazine has been publishing articles by Bill McKibben and I strongly suggest that you follow these and give them a read when they are released, I will also list other viable information from other authors and freshly released Climate news at well at ClimateChangeCommunity (.com), but suffice to say I would definitely focus on InsideClimateNews for your news..

In every war there are sufferers, sacrifices and loss of loved ones. We have already experienced the latter in multitude. The names of those individuals and corporations who are directly responsible for the huge amount of damages that have cost people’s lives will be etched in the annuals of history, not to mention those complicit such as banks, news organizations, social networks, fossil-fuels hired-hands, unethical individuals/families and on.

We swallow greedily any lie that flatters us, but we sip only little by little at a truth we find bitter.” – Denis Diderot

There is nothing great or good about the effects of our current Climate Emergency, however there is one important fact and that is we-the-people are all now in solidarity, it affects all of us world-wide, regardless of race, ethnicity, career, etc…

I keep going back to this term ‘solidarity’ as I really want to engrain that this is a key component in tackling this Climate Emergency; that we are all on the same page or swimming towards the boat (to be in the same boat). Some might not be good swimmers and might take a little longer time or need assistance, however we must help them understand this issue through education instead of letting them drown.

Since we are all in the same boat in this aspect minus those responsible and their hired-hands we can move in the same direction in this war together, unified and focused with clarity as to what we need to do. Now both acting locally and globally will have a planet-wide effects.

Regarding to the axiomatic chained Elephant, what question comes to mind for me is; what is that very first step for us is to start breaking the chains? This is exactly what GEM #1 is, our very first step collectively. Instead know that we do not have to follow those who are both greed and ignorant based even if they hold both political and financial power. Without us they will not exist.

The chains that break you, are the chains that make you. And the chains that make you, are the chains you break.” – Anthony Liccione

Why We Must Stop!

We always say that we will listen to the scientist, that being the case then we must realize that fracking, coal, and oil destroys water tables, air quality, and our health putting people/children basics rights in danger. Always putting more CO2 & Methane in the air is tantamount to moving us and the planet closer and closer to a roasting mode with millions of people/children saying they cannot breathe. Yes, the ‘roasting mode’ is a real thing I heard Noam Chomsky talk about, although it was called something like the ‘Roasting Effect,’ I do not remember.

Earth will become similar to the planet Venus (860 degrees Fahrenheit daily) or it will be safe based on the decisions and actions we take each day in the time of now. Putting more CO2 and Methane in the air is now a crime against humanity, unfortunately some in power have not awaken to this certainty yet.


Lastly as a note to world leaders please when addressing this Climate Emergency it would be highly advisable to select those that are going to run various aspects of it to appoint individuals that have zero affiliation with the fossil-fuel, unethical wealthy individuals and instead appoint those whose heart and actions have a track record in following science and not financial gain.

The Climate Emergency is like a monster that grows and the thought of us having to see millions perish due to a lack of appointing capable leadership is sobering to say the least. I strongly believe here in the U.S. we should now start learning from experience as opposed to repeating history. It is something we cannot afford and now a necessity.

In lieu of all of this, the ferociousness of this Climate Emergency when it does rear its ugly head does not mean everyone will not be out there with our sleeves rolled up helping in other ways.

(Some of the paragraphs above or in other parts of GEM were written during the time of Trumpism and due to this the dynamics might be slightly different, meaning Climate Action might be expedited by the time you are reading this thanks to finally having a President, Vice-President, Climate Team and others recently appointed that are on the ball in this regard.)

Next Read is GEM #1 or the Introduction (un-subjective version).

The only way to predict the future is to have power to shape the future.” – Eric Hoffer

End of the Subjective Introduction!