Around the ‘web’ I had to remove a bit of content, mainly in the form of quotes and quoted image art, due to my source(s) updating their private policy making it more stringent to use which I am understandably required to adhere to. The government also in their new stimulus bill addresses the use of Creative Expression as well which comes with very hefty fines due to new implemented private policy guidelines. The good thing is that years ago I purchased the right to use some amazing photos (millions of them) which I will occasionally share along with the quotes that are OK to share via public domain.

Keep in mind that much of the content that is out there is not just information to read and/or educate ourselves about but Creative Expressions that are shared that works to help encourage us to keep on challenging ourselves, our limitations and delusions amid the daily harsh realities of this planet. So I honor this and will do my best to be cognizant of the policies of those who post material and their sharing rules.

So yes we are OK with sharing this or that as specified in private policies but as indicated, that’s all—share it—and not express it differently or in our own way. I understand and get that and in reality it makes a lot of sense as it can be easy to mislead others by manipulating what was expressed as encouragement to an art that is expressed to be judgmental or critical of something. So with that we must adhere to others wishes in regard to not only what we share but how we share it. It took some growing up for me to get this, apologies.

What am I doing in regard to all this?

I am consolidating all my CREATED artful Quoted Images and Images (resized for social media) to one central location and this will still grow with content that I am okay to share creatively and content I paid for the right to share which includes millions of photos. Many of these include the right for me to edit with ‘Quotes,’ so I am good in that regard.

I am sharing some images and quoted art, so enjoy them and note that they are dedicated to ‘All Hospital Staff, their family, and the family and friends that lost love ones due to COVID.’ They are also dedicated to ‘Humanity’ (helps us mature) and still many are dedicated to all of our aspects in tackling the Climate Emergency whether through the Green New Deal, United Nations’ SDGs and more.

It will take some time for me to remove created content as I have ‘Art’ all over the place, yet please rest assure that now one can always come here to see and share what is okay for me to share.

If you notice something questionable or of private policy concerns please let me know and I will immediately remove. Good news, I have two large companies that gave me the OK to share content as long as I link back to them and still others who have never replied to my letters requesting permission to use their content. Some authors send me notes of approval or compliments which I totally appreciate.

Note that I am always open to creating Quoted Image Art from that which authors and others send to me to do so, and if you are a ‘Climate Organization’ and ask me; ‘Create an Art using our name’ then I will do also. You must know though I am a not a good artist and like many others this is just something I find pleasure in doing, plus Art, like Music and other expressions can be a form of Climate Action.

Happy Holidays…