In skies above, a silent fight,
Airborne nitrogen takes its flight.
From industry’s maw, it spreads its reign,
O’er land and water, it leaves a stain.

Plants and creatures, they depend,
On nitrogen’s cycle, round the bend.
Yet human hands disrupt the flow,
With power and progress, this we know.

Fossil fires release their might,
Nitrogen oxides in hazy light,
Smog and rain with acid’s bite,
Man-made mix of day and night.

Cars, coal plants, industries wide,
Ships and planes on pollution’s tide,
They pour the oxides in the air,
A noxious burden that we all share.

On land it falls, a tainted gift,
To waters nearby, a toxic shift.
Algae bloom in vibrant hue,
Oxygen starved, the waters rue.

But solutions dwell within our reach,
In business and homes, we each beseech.
Manage emissions, energy save,
Renewable power, a greener wave.

Individual acts, collective stride,
Conserve energy, let pollution slide.
Turn off, use less, and wisely choose,
A future where cleaner airs diffuse.

So let’s unite, a chorus strong,
To right the balance that’s been wronged.
For nitrogen’s role is vital and pure,
Let’s keep it so, for the earth to endure.

From an EPA post, the tale is spun,
Of nitrogen’s journey under the sun.
From skies it’s expelled,
Land and water compelled,
A challenge we strive to outrun.