Dear Family and Friends,

I want to have a serious conversation with all of you. It’s about something that keeps me up at night, something that I can’t stop thinking about. I’m reaching out to you because I believe that what I’m going to share is crucial for us, for our future, and for the planet we call home.

You see, I’m always hoping, praying, and taking actions that reflect my deep concern. My heart aches not just for us, but for everyone around the world. I want to talk to you about the pressing need for President Biden and other countries to declare a CLIMATE EMERGENCY. This isn’t just a request, it’s a plea for change that can set us on the right path.

Why is this so important? It’s like opening a door to a whole new world of possibilities. When a Climate Emergency is declared, it creates opportunities for actions that are sustainable and just. It’s like finally solving a puzzle that’s been missing a piece for too long. This is more than just a title; it’s a chance for us to make things right.

Time is of the essence. I’m not the only one who feels this way. Many experts and concerned citizens believe that this declaration should have happened already. The longer we wait, the more it becomes clear that the big companies and industries that harm our planet are in control. It’s like they’re steering a ship, but they’re heading straight for a storm.

Looking forward, my heart grows heavy. I often find myself thinking about the next ten years, and it’s not a bright picture. It’s like knowing something bad is coming, and you can’t do anything about it. I’m not saying, “I told you so,” but I’m determined to change our course. It’s like grabbing the steering wheel and making a U-turn before we hit a dead end.

Positive things are happening, but it’s not enough. Some leaders seem more interested in their own gains than in our well-being. It’s like if someone took the last piece of cake without asking if anyone else wanted it. It’s unfair, and their words don’t match their actions. It’s like when someone says they’ll help, but they don’t show up.

Let’s talk about a person we all know, Donald Trump. Many still support him, even though he’s been involved in questionable activities. It’s like following someone who’s not a good influence. The fact that politicians still listen to him shows where their priorities lie. It’s like being friends with someone who never listens to good advice.

Now, let’s focus on those leaders who care more about their own interests than about the dire consequences of the Climate Emergency. It’s like seeing someone hurting another person, but staying silent. It’s wrong, and those who vote for them are like sheep following blindly. It’s like joining a parade without knowing where it’s going.

Climate Action is more than just holding signs and marching. It’s a way to express yourself, like writing a letter, painting a picture, or speaking up to the people who can make a change. It’s like finding your own path to make a difference. Every little action counts, like drops of water filling a bucket.

As I mentioned before, my biggest hope is for President Biden to declare a Climate Emergency. I also talked about Donald Trump, the politicians who follow him, and how different people can take various actions for change. But here’s what I really want to emphasize: We’re facing a crisis like never before. The impact of fossil fuels and unethical practices is spreading like a disease. It’s like watching a fire grow, and if we don’t put it out, it will consume everything.

So, it’s time to shout it from the rooftops: CLIMATE EMERGENCY! But it’s not just a call; it’s a commitment. It’s like putting on a superhero cape and taking on a challenge to save the world. In my next post (see addendum found at, I’ll share more details because together I am confident we can turn things around.

Yours sincerely,