Lawyer(s) Request | Victimized Speak-Out

Our Children’s expulsion from Extinction
Citizens of the United States vs. TBA

2 Fold Document – Request for Lawyer(s) and search for others who have experienced similar victimization. It is within my legal right to seek representation due to forced emotional trauma.

Brief Intro & Concerns:

“Power concedes nothing without demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or with both.” – Frederick Douglass

As a shy pacifist my weapon of choice is words. My name is Mr. Alvarez and I am the owner of the company name and business license for ‘Climate Change Community LLC’ from the State of New York. I still have some very specific ideas that would have helped society here and abroad with tackling our current Climate Emergency.

We must acknowledge and act on the fact that we are in a Climate Emergency which as we can now all see has devastating effects; of course, the impossible can happen such as an invention might come about yet this emergency currently provides us with a much needed opportunity to move ourselves towards a safe and stable energy source such as renewables, immediately.

The impossible happening is something I believe in however I would not wait around for this, we must quicken our strict and necessary actions at this point. Amazing solutions exist and in many places have been implemented, however it is my opinion working towards net zero by 2050 is too distant. I sense from the ‘sooner than we thought’ observation from scientists that is very constant then perhaps it is shortening this time frame is something we should take into consideration from a proactive standpoint.

Better to be early then late-with-consequences so at the least I am in agreement with many for a net zero by 2035 if not sooner. This in and of itself might become a moot issue due to the effects (flood, fires, and disasters) of our current Climate Emergency will cause us to act sooner. Keep in mind this in my own opinion and I am not a scientist but observe the cause and effect of various scientific conclusions, it is always ending with, ‘it is happening much sooner than we believed.’

At the rate we are moving here in the United States we are solidifying a mass endpoint of unpreparedness, something that in and of itself can also have overwhelming effects as people are being either displaced (In the hundreds of Million World-Wide so far) or even worse.

My Company:

Why is my company not on firm standing since I purchased a license in March of 2017? At the inception of starting my company I had no idea of the level of harassment, bullying, attacks, surveillance, and more I would receive in pursuing something that is not only necessary but interest me immensely (see attached letter). These attacks are one of many reasons why I am calling for this Class Actions Lawsuit.

This communique you are now reading is the first request from me to those victimized as I am hoping to certify a request for a Class Action Lawsuit which can be executed based on finding others that have experienced the same or similar situation. Due to legal reasons I am referring to them in this document as the hired-hands of the fossil fuel industry.

Personally I can definitely show that I have a history of victimization from the hired-hands of the fossil-fuel industry since August 2016 and possibly earlier (due to some experiences prior to that) and instead of using necessary time to build my company which is based on resources and ideas to help tackle this Climate Emergency I have been wasting this time in dealing with assaults, bullying, persecution, intimidation, and much, much (again see attached letter).

Electronically, every single time I attempted to work on moving my company forward I was hacked, attacked, and all my electronic devices are not only monitored and manipulated but expurgated. See last few blog posts for brief details. I can tell you with confidence that the fossil-fuel and their hired-hands employ some of the world’s top hackers to work in unethical ways.

I am not as worried about my company at this point as what we face currently if much, much urgent. Although it would be nice to share some of those ideas that I have as I am certain it could might help. As I am very insignificant in the fight towards this Climate Emergency it puzzles me why the level of their involvement towards me, something about my efforts must cause them worry. At first as a hobby I collected climate related resources and self-educated myself about this Climate Emergency, Green New Deal and United Nations SDGs, however now it is a necessity in order to offer assistance if I can.

In fact, I mentioned some of my ordeals in my blog post below entitled, ‘Denialism.’ I strongly sense had it not been for my religious faith I would have either committed suicide or the effects of my attacks would have drove me towards a total mental breakdown. Instead this ongoing ordeal caused me to develop a very strong life-force and now a durable desire to fight much harder for my goal of helping tackle this Emergency. This effect I am grateful for however others might expel their experiences differently (one reason I am seeking others who have been victimized).

Class Action Lawsuit:

Another reason for my calling for this Class Actions Lawsuit is due to science and the warnings we have been receiving. I simply cannot stand idle while the fossil-fuel, their hired-hands, and other unethical corporations and individuals/families march not only us but our children to the Climate Ovens, especially while we are at one of our last opportunities to stop this or at least minimize the damages.

I cannot emphasize the danger we will be experiencing by not advancing our tackling of this Climate Emergency. What is truly sad is that we have been warned by our Children, Scientists, Climate Authors, Activists, Ethical Media, and many others for some time now. Those who head the mainstream media gag words such as Climate Crisis, Climate Emergency, Climate Change and some corporations think they can have business as usual while their foundation weakens due to this emergency, truly pitiful.

Where we are headed:

To give you an idea of what I am talking about; we are on track to see the temperatures that hover at 135 degrees Fahrenheit on a regular basis and without this accelerated Climate Action we will see 300 degrees Fahrenheit, nothing at all exists under these conditions (I am sorry but this could be a reality).

At 135 degrees Fahrenheit all animals outside including our dogs and cats will perish. We ourselves might have to reside underground or in bubbles but this would be after millions, no; billions succumb to the changes in the climate.

Fracking is also very dangerous form of our Climate Emergency, in fact it destroys the water table and will have families without potable water. We need to evolve and think of the cause and effect of our actions. It is of utmost importance that we transform not only our methods of dealing with crisis but also individually become humanistic otherwise we will see many become barbarous due to a need to survive.

I know that I will be asked about the source of these temperatures. Without quoting sources, it is Science, Science, and Science! Also without quoting the documentary; ‘How Hot Is It Going To Get’ (found on Amazon Prime) and some of the IPCC reports, don’t you think it is more than obvious at this point?

Sure I can be positive and provide hope and encouragement, but without us each transforming, meaning taking our hands out of the fire sort of speak, my encouragement will be only a short-term infusion of hope.

Back to Class Action Lawsuit:

Regarding the Class Action Lawsuit, and this is very important. My proposal is this (for the lawyer(s)) after lawyer fees we (those on Class Action Lawsuit Certification List) will forfeit our funds (don’t apply if you do not agree) and the funds will go directly to each state and Puerto Rico Department of Climate Emergency and if this department does not exist then the funds will work to create it.

These states Department of Climate Emergency will then create programs to expedite implementation of renewable energy in state buildings and assist in solar/wind energy those in financial need, setup programs for residents in order to implement the additional requirements of the Green New Deal and so on. Each state is different and the needs are different so I would imagine the states and government would collaborate methods and so on.

This Class-Action Lawsuit would be against those that are the initiators and complicit, whether government or not, this list might be extensive, this includes those organizations that victimized either individuals and/or their companies. Financial breakdown and details against these bodies will be forthcoming based on the plans and litigation exacted by us clients and the lawyers.

The important point is that these funds will go to each state and Puerto Rico, within these Departments of Climate Emergency I am also proposing that each state consider ideas and new innovations, with the possibility of creating resources to help other countries financially and in other ways that might be possible. (This would be where a company such as my own could offer individual ideas such as my GEM idea.)

We simply cannot let these decadent corporations and unprincipled individuals/families do this to us, especially our children, animal species, and our planet. We should have evolved and not been stuck in the condition of ignorance and greed at this point in history.

This requirements and footing for this lawsuit will be hashed out however it would be anyone who agrees with the content and are more concerned with Justice and implementation of Climate Emergency Departments throughout the United States and the planet. Our children’s future should always trump financial wealth, don’t you think?

Have you been victimized?

I am also seeking others who would like to speak up if they have been victimized by the hired-hands of the fossil-fuels (don’t worry I have a list of who they are) or others as well, especially if like me their actions have affected their business, emotional state, family relationships and more. Please consider doing this as we need to also include or create a specific law or guidelines within this lawsuit towards this end; basically a certain amount of victums.

We’d like to get it out that these illegal activities of the fossil fuel, their hired-hands and others mentioned will not be tolerated and so that everyone is aware of their illegal antics and in addition to cement via Judge’s order that it will be punishable by hefty fines and the decree of the law. None one is above the law is something we are taught and makes total sense from a humanistic point of view.

Those unethical corporations, individuals/families, hired-hands organizations, and those in official authority that are complicit are not above the law and in fact have a moral obligation to take responsibility for what they either started or enabled in terms of these crimes against humanity.

Some History:

A little over a year ago I had reached out to about 15 of the top lawyers in New York City and a Climate Law Organization with this attached letter (upon request), I think some will not go against this beast. I was not replied to yet have met one lawyer who was interested. I am asking again but on a country wide level for help, to find a law-firm with gumption and that does not fear the fossil-fuel industry. They are not invincible!

Together and individually we cannot compromise our basic human rights, our dignity, our morals and values, as our children deserve much more than that.

Again, my name is Mr. Alvarez and I write this letter for help from Law Firms, District Attorneys, and Governors in the United States. I simply just want to run my climate change company without being treated like a criminal as I assure you that I have a mountain of information that I can share that just might help us tackle this Climate Emergency as educating ourselves is one of the main ways we will get somewhat of a handle on this Emergency.

As an fyi, some law-enforcement have assisted the hired-hands in the intimidation part (but not all, NYPD told them to get lost), plus a specific experience towards my company shows that this harassment comes the fossil-fuel and other unethical corporations via the unethical part of the Justice Department and EPA in Washington, simply follow the money for verification.

Lawsuit Amount:

If you are a law firm please help me if you are able to and if you have been victimized please do not hesitate to speak up and out. Anyone running Podcasts, social media, ethical media and so forth please share this letter if you do not mind.

I am proposing the base amount of this Class Acton Lawsuit is 775 Million Dollars and the higher end amount be 7.6 Billon Dollars (one of the largest in history). This litigation is contingent of course on case history and judicial guidelines. I appreciate any help with getting this Class Action Lawsuit off the ground, I truly do.


(Please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.)

Climate Change Community LLC
PO Box 197
New York, NY 10113
(1-845-476-7106) Late Afternoons are best!

Please note my phone number, address and email might be comprised even more after this letter so if you cannot reach me at one then try the other.

In closing, to my 38 friends, family and friends in Japan and France please note that as soon is up and running again there are two important pieces of information that I want to share with you about the Green New Deal and the future of our transportation mode. It is somewhat important.

I want to take a moment and my most sincere condolences to the families and friends that have lost loved ones from COVID-19, I pray for their happiness and smooth transition. I want to offer as well condolences from those lives lost from both Police Brutality and the violence as a result, as I always say Black Lives not only Matter but are Family. The thought that I even have to say this repulses me as I firmly feel we should have evolved beyond this by now and would be free to focus on pertinent issues. I want to offer condolences to those lost to this Climate Emergency throughout the world especially from the West Coast Fires.

We must pressure our leaders to step up to the plate with assistance and to see that United States not only catches up with the rest of the world in terms of Climate Action and introducing measures to minimize the effects of this Climate Emergency but help those citizens most affected, we are humans after all and caring is in our DNA.

Crossing Over:

For those who are anti-science, greed based, wilful deniers, and sufferers from ignorance please note that it is not too late to change your perception and accept the reality of what is happening. Self-transformation is the key.

For those two individuals that gave me inside information in the past, I would like you to contact me if possible. Anyone else that is part of the hired-hands of the fossil fuel and would like to come forward please consider this as I can arrange a meeting with the attorneys when secured.

Letter Attached:

I decided not to attach a letter to this post but instead just send it to you upon request should you either be a law firm or someone who knows a lawyer(s) and wants to give it to them.

I wrote this letter some time ago and except for a few edits it is still as valid today as it was when I wrote it, if not more.


I am not an online security expert however because of constant hacks and attacks I had to halt on numerous occasions my online efforts and self-educate myself in this area. Before COVID-19 I was a Dell certified technician so I knew a few things but lacked in security training.

Within the last year I have learned a good amount about online security and which programs are the best to use, but as always those bent on compromising ones security are as diligent as well. No one is ever 100% secure online but you can make it as hard as heck for those who work towards compromising you.

There are a few tricks I would like to share for Windows 10 based computer users and cell phones that will help and I will create a post outlining these in the future.

Thank you!


Mr. Alvarez

I’d like to leave you with four very specific quotes below:



Critics ask, “Can we afford the Green New Deal?” They complain that the policies are unreasonably expensive, and that the Green New Deal proponents confound the fight to preserve the planet, to which all right-minded individuals should agree, with a more controversial agenda for societal transformation. They are wrong on both counts.

Even the way the question is posed is wrong: When the US was attacked in 1941, no one asked, “Can we afford to fight the war?” It was an existential matter. We could not afford not to fight it. The same is true for climate change. Moreover, as we have already noted, we will pay for climate change one way or another, so it makes sense to spend money now to reduce emissions rather than pay a lot more later to manage the consequences, not just from the weather but also from rising sea levels.

In short, we must afford it. So much is at stake now, just as it was in World War II. Climate Change is our World War III.

The question we should really be asking is, “Why are we postponing the economic benefits of a Green New Deal?” By delaying the investment needed to tackle the climate crisis, we are burdening ourselves with the real costs in rising damages. – Joseph Stiglitz, Excerpt from THE ECONOMIC CASE FOR A GREEN NEW DEAL, pulled from book: WINNING THE GREEN NEW DEAL, WHY WE MUST, HOW WE CAN by the SUNRISE MOVEMENT



In late 2014, a year before the Paris Conference, Cambridge University Press Published ethicist Clive Hamilton’s essay, “Moral Collapse in a Warming World.”

In it he stated some straightforward truths that are seldom heard in politics, the media, or even around the dinner table.

Carbon emissions have now accumulated to the point where avoiding warming by 2 degrees Celsius is impossible. Even under optimistic assumptions about the speed with which countries might respond, it now seems likely that the world will warm by 4 degrees Celsius or more, which will transform the conditions of life on the planet and result in catastrophes. Even the overly cautious analysis of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) cannot disguise these facts. Indeed, we know with certainty what must be done to avoid enormous harm, particularly to poor and vulnerable people—a task rendered less onerous by the fact that all economic studies show that the transition to a low-carbon energy system could be achieved at modest cost. Rather than creating a perfect storm, the ethical winds blow strongly in one direction. Yet moral corruption prevails not because the situation is inherently murky, but because confusion has been deliberately sown, and because the public and political representatives have welcomed reasons to shirk their ethical obligations.

There are three kinds of actors in the process of subversion: those who tell lies, those who repeat lies, and those who allow themselves to be seduced by lies.1 – Dr. Peter D. Carter & Elizabeth Woodworth, from book: UNPRECENDENTED CRIME, CLIMATE SCIENCE AND GAME CHANGERS FOR SURVIVAL


Excerpt from chapter ‘IT’S THE INFRASTRUTURE, STUPID!’

Infrastructure, at the deepest level, is a techno-socio bond that brings together new communications technologies, new energy sources, new modes of mobility and logistics, and new built environments, enabling communities to more efficiently manage, power, and move their economic activity, social life, and governance. Communication technology is the brain that oversees, coordinates, and manages the economic organism. Energy is the blood that circulates through the body politic, providing the nourishment to convert nature’s endowment into goods and services to keep the economy alive and growing. Mobility and logistics are extensions of our limbs, allowing communities to interact physically across temporal and spatial domains to facilitate the movement of goods, services, and people. Buildings are the skin—the semipermeable membranes that allow our species to survive the elements, store the energies and other resources we need to maintain our physical well-being, provide secure and safe places to produce and consume the goods and services we require to enhance our existence, and serve as a congregating place to raise our families and conduct social life. Infrastructure is akin to an immense technological organism that brings large numbers of people together as an extended figurative family collectively engaging in more complex economic, social, and political relationships. – Jeremy Rifkin – from book: THE GREEN NEW DEAL – WHY THE FOSSIL FUEL CIVILATION WILL COLLAPSE BY 2028, and THE BOLD ECONOMIC PLAN TO SAVE LIFE ON EARTH


In his inaugural speech, Roosevelt pledged to expel the ‘money changers’ from the temple of American democracy: ‘faced by failure of credit they had proposed only the lending of more money… They knew only the rules of self-seekers and had no vision and when there is no vision the people perish.’

He explained that his administration would adopt ‘lines of attack’, ‘safeguards’ against a return of the old order; that there would be strict supervision of all banking and credits and investments; an end to speculation with other people’s money, and provision for an adequate but sound currency.

That very night (a Saturday) he began the process of taking the US off the gold standard, and by Monday morning, 6 March 1933, Roosevelt was well into the dismantling and transformation of the ‘barbaric relic’ that was the globalised financial system.

Roosevelt’s New Deal is often hailed as ‘Keynesian’ with its emphasis on fiscal (tax) policy, government investment and spending. But, in this author’s estimation, that is wrong and a deliberate misnomer, for two reasons. First, what was genuinely Keynesian and radical about Roosevelt’s New Deal were his monetary policies. By ending the gold standard and revaluing the currency, his administration was freed from shackles imposed by Wall Street over both the exchange rate and fiscal policy. His initiatives brought the Great Depression to an end and stabilised the deterioration of public finances instigate by the deflationary ‘austerity’ policies of President Hoover. Public spending growth under Roosevelt (ahead of the ware) averaged 8 per cent of GDP a year through to 1939, and 14 per cent of GDP from 1934 to 1936. Under Obama’s Recovery Act of 2009, the same measures grew by only 3 per cent of GDP a year over the 2009-15 period.13 The rise in both the public debt and deficit as a share of GDP was arrested because the economy recovered, jobs were created, and tax revenues rose.

By dismantling the gold standard, Roosevelt and his advisers challenged the arrogance of the finance sector. His administration subordinated ‘global market forces’ to the proprieties of a democratically elected president. By suspending both the system and the neoclassical ideology of the gold standard, Roosevelt courageously freed up his administration to resolve the banking crisis and to address the needs of millions of unemployed and poor Americans. Backed by a landslide electoral victory and wealthy enough not to need the backing of financiers, he literally wrenched power away from Wall Street. His actions are often interpreted as ‘fixing the banks’, but he did more. By triggering an end to the gold standard, he transformed the international financial system. And it was the international system change that enabled him to ‘fix the banks’. Above all, it enabled his administration to intervene in the economy, to stabilise the banking system, and the exchange rate, to create jobs, and to implement an industrial, agricultural and environmental strategy. Those strategies paved the way to restoring stability and economic security.

In contrast to today’s leaders, Roosevelt had the political courage and the leadership skills to challenge Wall Street. He was then free to respond to the public anger caused by the deflationary aftermath of the 1929 Crash, when millions had lost their jobs, and farmers and small firms had been bankrupted, while the drought that lasted through the 1930s wrought havoc on the land itself.

Today’s leaders – plutocratic or otherwise – lack political courage, have a dearth of leadership skills, and are deferential towards global financial interests. Because of their defence of the status quo, they are not free to respond to the public anger that is rooted in the Great Financial Crisis of 2007-9. On the contrary, almost without exception, they use their power to uphold and consolidate current globalised system. – Ann Pettifor, Excerpt from book: THE CASE FOR THE GREEN NEW DEAL



-What I think that might be coming from Climate Scientists and others familiar with the subject is that due to the fires all around the planet is that the amount of carbon released from these fires have decreased the goal of net zero from 2050 to 2030/2035. It is time for us to learn from Africa in terms of regeneration of our lands such as holistic organic grazing and other methods. Quite literally ‘cattle’ might be our only hope for the future. I will post the TED video from Allon Savory about this at cCc in the future.

‘Land controls our fate.’ – Allon Savory

-Listen, I am just asking for an opportunity to help based on my studies dating back from early 2006 until now. I am not being arrogant here, I simply am worried out of my mind that we think we might be OK with our timing towards Climate Action in the U.S. and other places on the planet coming so late. We will not be OK, Solar and Wind renewable energy are great but at this point it is going to take much more required changes on all of our part. That’s all.

-I have both some very specific ideas and information that I am anxious to share that might just help but without being given this opportunity due to the constant online hacking (not just the site but my entire network), constant stalking, bullying, emotional distress, and intimidation I am but a censored and traumatized prisoner. This is a reality for me.

-I am fighting for what I believe in, I am fighting for my human dignity, my company, and you reading this right now which equates to the continuation of humanity.

No matter how complex global challenges may seem, we must remember that it is we ourselves who have given rise to them. It is therefore impossible that they are beyond our power as human beings to resolve. Returning to our humanity, reforming and opening up the inner capacities of our lives, can enable reform and empowerment on a global scale. – Daisaku Ikeda

-If you found this document on Facebook, note I will not be replying to any comments there, simply email, call or visit the site for more information.

-Lastly, to family and friends, if you ever wondered why I have been such a recluse the last four years, this is why. They will go after those close to me as I have first-hand experience of this. I can only wonder what Bill McKibben, Michael Mann and others have had to contend with on a daily basis.

Climate Activists, regarding the level or how much someone is in fighting this Climate Emergency on the grassroots level (leaders should already know better), I would suggest instead attacking them, encouraging them to get involved. We must not create an ‘us against them’ on this level, we risk becoming self-righteous and cynical instead of encouraging. Eventually everyone will be involved it just might take some a little longer to support. Also ones method of involvement might not entail social media as they can be very involved in other unforeseen aspects of tackling this Climate Emergency that we might not have a clue about. Feel me!

Thanks Again!