My dear children,

As the hands of time guide me into the twilight of my years, I find myself compelled to leave behind a legacy not just of words, but of action. If you were to ask me what aspiration still flickers within me as I traverse the path of aging, it would be this: to forge a new breed of experts in the realm of ‘Adaptive Resiliency‘ within a span of six years.

This journey demands not just creativity but a commitment to retraining, to attain the prestigious mantle of a ‘certified’ Climate Change Professional Officer. Though I’ve already undergone extensive training, my resolve is to undertake this journey anew, armed with certification, with the intent of sculpting a novel career path for young adults — envisioning something akin to a Climate Change Adaptive Resiliency Professional Office. And in this endeavor, I foresee AI as a stalwart ally, aiding us in our quest for resilience.

Reflecting upon the annals of history, we encounter a tapestry woven with threads of atrocity, disappointment, and unfathomable human conduct towards one another. Motivated by power, control, greed, or ideology, humanity has oftentimes found itself mired in a cycle of violence, abdicating responsibility for its actions, and casting blame upon others for its discontent.

Some among us choose the path of numbing indifference, while others align themselves with perceived factions, fostering division based on arbitrary beliefs or affiliations. Yet, perhaps most dishearteningly, there are those who advocate for the persecution of others simply because their worldview fails to align with their own.

As I shift the lens of time to encompass your own lifespan, my beloved children, I urge you to remain vigilant. You may find yourselves entreated to take sides, coerced by narratives that demonize those deemed different or dissenting. Yet, I implore you to scrutinize the sources of such narratives, for unsubstantiated accusations and judgments serve only to perpetuate misinformation and breed discord.

In a world rife with adversity, some may succumb to the allure of violence, driven by dissatisfaction or desperation. However, when entire communities brandish metaphorical pitchforks against the ‘other,’ it signifies not only a dearth of empathy but a wholesale abandonment of our collective humanity.

We stand at a crossroads, my children, where the choice between evolution and regression lies squarely in our hands. To embrace empathy and compassion is to transcend the primitive impulses that threaten to divide us, ushering in an era of cooperation and understanding.

Amidst the backdrop of our shared Climate Emergency, the imperative for unity has never been more pressing. The tempests of climate-induced chaos loom on the horizon, rendering partisan squabbles and unfounded animosities obsolete in the face of impending catastrophe.

My children, my beliefs may diverge from the mainstream, and my solutions may seem unconventional. Yet, grounded in pragmatism and imbued with common sense, they emanate from a place of profound concern for our collective future.

The exigencies of our time demand collaboration and compassion, virtues that underpin our capacity for resilience in the face of adversity. When calamity strikes, it matters not your political allegiance or ideological creed; it is the outstretched hand of solidarity that offers solace amidst the storm.

Let us dispense with the folly of despots and demagogues, for the remedy to our existential plight lies not in tyranny but in collective action. Our journey towards a sustainable, equitable future necessitates a paradigm shift, one rooted in empathy, cooperation, and a steadfast commitment to the welfare of all.

In the words of Arthur Schopenhauer, “The tragic spirit consists in this. Accordingly it leads to resignation.” Yet, resignation is not our fate; it is the clarion call to action, a summons to confront the challenges that lie ahead with unwavering resolve.

As Julian Barnes aptly observes, time both grounds and confounds us, exposing the fallibility of our certainties and the inadequacy of our illusions. But in the crucible of uncertainty, we find the crucible of opportunity — an opportunity to transcend the constraints of our mortality and forge a legacy of resilience and compassion.

And so, my children, I leave you with the words of Jarod Kintz, a poignant reminder of the value inherent in every moment of our existence. For in the crucible of time, every decision, every action, carries with it the weight of consequence — a consequence that reverberates not only through the annals of history but across the expanse of eternity.


A Call to Vigilance: Navigating the Path of Truth and Unity

My dear children,

As I weave these words, I must first dispel a troubling notion: I am compelled to clarify that I would never, under any circumstance, cause any harm to myself. My purpose, my mission, is to shine a light on the shadows of unethical behavior, to strive tirelessly alongside my fellow ethical humans — my cohorts — in pursuit of a world that is safe, equitable, sustainable, habitable, and free from the specter of extinction. Period.

Now, onto the crux of the matter: Question Everything for a Specific Reason!

In this era of information overload, I implore you to cultivate a voracious appetite for knowledge. Whether through the pages of a book, the pixels of a screen, or the spoken word, let curiosity be your compass, guiding you through the labyrinth of human experience.

But heed this admonition: Do not merely absorb information like a sponge; interrogate it with the keenness of a detective unraveling a mystery. Ask yourself, ask others, ask the conduits of information: What is your source? What motives underpin your message? Is it steeped in empathy or apathy? Does it sow division or foster collaboration?

Beware the siren song of those who peddle fear and division, for they are the architects of discord, the purveyors of mistrust. True leaders, by contrast, eschew the language of animosity in favor of unity and cooperation. They extend a hand not clenched in anger but open in solidarity, beckoning us to build, to work together, to uplift one another.

And yet, despite the clarity of this dichotomy, many remain ensnared in the web of misinformation, unwitting pawns in the game of deceit. It is incumbent upon each of us to educate ourselves, to discern truth from falsehood, and to resist the allure of demagoguery.

I speak fervently of the Climate Emergency not as a harbinger of doom but as a clarion call to action. Like voices in a chorus — Greta, Bill, Al, John, Kathy, and countless others — we recognize the gathering storm on the horizon, and we extend our hands in solidarity, not in despair but in hope.

Consider this analogy: Imagine intruding into someone’s home, rearranging their belongings to foment discord, only to realize later that they are the very hand extended in aid. Let us not dwell in regret for succumbing to misinformation but instead embrace transformation, learning, and growth, ever mindful of our capacity to help one another.

So, my beloved children, as you journey through the labyrinth of life, remember this: Clean behind your ears, yes, but more importantly, cleanse your minds of prejudice, ignorance, and apathy. Embrace the light of truth, for it is the beacon that guides us through the darkness.

Be well, be healthy, and above all, be safe.

With all my love,


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