11.17.2020 – Update to this article that I posted below.

“The simplicities of natural laws arise through the complexities of the language we use for their expression.” – Eugene Wigner

Due to a friend’s misunderstanding, I owe an apology to law-enforcement as I am absolutely not talking about law-enforcement below, I wanted to make this clear.  I feel repentant about this as I have made this error before, I must work on being very specific, (something I will improve).  If anything I have been watched out for and protected by them in regards to my Climate Action.  I have to say that they have supported me through wellness checks as they are aware of my dilemma since I had reported it to them and if anything I want to say thank you.

Due to a particular incident against my company in the past I was able to confirm for a fact that some of those mentioned below have been ‘deputized’ so of speak by the corrupt part of the U.S. Justice Dept. by way of the Fossil Fuel and the Koch Industries (my source was adamant about this).  These ‘deputized’ entities think they have the entitlement to bend the law to their liking. Perhaps this will change also with the new administration.

They have been given power sort-of to harass and intimidate.  These individuals who have a small amount of power or authority think they are law-enforcement that are above the law.  They consist of members of The Heartland Institute, CFACT, Americans for Prosperity, ALEC breadcrumb grabbers, and others

They would probably not be able to arrest me anyway.  Why the attention from them when we are the most insignificant climate influence on the web and in social media?  Strange to say the least.

I do not mind that they drive around my place in circles or follow me around, what bothers me more is that they use equipment that is meant for law-enforcement to partake in illegal surveillance, copy Simm cards, work with top hackers to infiltrate internet access, and host of other illegal and immoral activities.

In regard to law-enforcement I have absolutely no issue with them and appreciate them and understand their jobs are tough, plus I realize in many regards their hands are tied.  Now regarding those who kill black people to me are civilians in police uniforms as real cops would not kill black people but find other ways to defuse a situation.

It I believe would be extremely rare that this should happen and if so then only in extreme justifiable cases I would imagine.  Real cops are mature and sensitive to cultural issues as well as trained with dealing with unexpected circumstances.  Capable cops already understand Black Lives Matter, I know this for a fact because my Uncle was one.

So with that I stay out of their way as I know they have a lot on their hands both internally and in the public.  I apologize as I do not always use the correct words or sentence structure to get a point across.  I also want to thank both the Governor of our state and the Mayor of our town for doing such an amazing job during this pandemic and the climate emergency.

Lastly I do not post this to kiss-butt, what is more important is that law-enforcement and the other Climate Warriors will be an integral part in working with us in dealing with what is to come as this Climate Emergency worsens.  (See cCc for me details)

(Now back to working on GEM…  ‘What if I told you that there might be a viable way towards tackling this Climate Emergency and helping pull all of us out of poverty, to see each of our financial situation improve as a result.  Visit cCc on Thanksgiving Day for the beginning of these ideas).


Posted: 11.15.2020

To those intent on doing illegal surveillance, hacking, harassing, stalking, intimidating and more please stop.  You must cease these illegal activities as it is clear and obvious you guys lack a conscience, morals, rule-of-law, value for human life, and because of this your illegal activities will in time catch up with you when the fossil fuel industry becomes a minuscule entity.

Since your belief does not include the Green New Deal, the SDGs or any other viable solutions it does not mean you have to prevent others from exploring and shinning a light on the benefits of these outlets.

I have been hacked and had to rebuild my company’s website, my home network and computers a total of 15 times due to your maneuvers, many of which I believe are instigated by your handlers, the Koch Industries, Exxon Mobile, other fossil fuel industries, religious deluded groups and others (see entire list at cCc).

If it is criminal to want to help save humanity which the foundation is our children then I am ready to be arrested and imprisoned for life if I have to for my efforts.  Otherwise leave me the fuck alone at this point.  I will not stop working on helping humanity exist on this planet.

I had to downgrade my company to a ‘Club’ or ‘Hobby’ entity due to the trauma and constant harassment I have been through by your criminal attacks and strategies.  So as your hobby might be gluing model trains or planes together mines is ‘learning’ – learning everything I can about how to tackle this ‘Climate Emergency’ on a grassroots level.

One of the main reasons I am writing this note is because I have been asked what is going on and why my site is taking so long to reopen.  I am hoping to have it open sometime today or tomorrow but still have a lot of catching up to do.

So to my ‘good’ friends and family including those in Japan and France this is what is up.  My apologies for the delay.  This also means that for those harassing me please note that my efforts have nothing to do with you and I will never bother you and your endeavors no matter how much I disagree with them.

Your lack of respect and moral values speaks volumes and it is sad that some of you are or might be in the position of authority and power which is tantamount to drastically hurting children as my only intention is to make sure they reside on a safe and stable planet even if my efforts is that of a small pebble in a pond.

Now if you think I am responding because I am bothered or fearful by your harassment, do not waste your breath, I simply want the world to know that you guys exist and to generate a movement to expose and bring you to the limelight so everyone will know who you are and what you are doing to our children.  This includes you highly paid hackers of the fossil fuel industry.

One of the bad effects of Climate Emergency also includes you.  You are part of the ‘danger’ which I consider terrorist part of this Climate Emergency.  See one of the first paragraphs at cCc for more details.

Do not forget I am still in possession of one of your devices you planted in my place a while back should you shout that I am delusional or paranoid.

In closing; I am not a criminal for my chosen hobby.  Since when is someone criminalized for trying to help society?  Now please go back to your model trains and planes and leave me to my ‘learning.’

I will not be sharing this post to social media or anywhere else as it is directed personally to you.

Thank you so much…