Question: Hey! Why the emphasis on voting now, you are usually posting about the climate crisis?

Answer: It is extremely important that one realizes that unless we vote in Democrats across the board then our hope of securing a safe and stable planet for our children will be extremely diminished. We cannot allow this to happen, we must not. Regardless what you do for a living or where you stand politically it is imperative that we stand united at this time in history for our children’s future. Period!

So for many of us the 2020 Elections represent viable ‘Climate Action’ and solidarity with our children and their concern for their future. We must also immediately after taking back our government from both corruption and unfettered greed see to it that justice is one of the very first arrangements offered to the people.

This quoted excerpt outlines this point very clearly:

The bottom line is this: As we get clean, we have got to get fair. More than that, as we get clean, we can begin to redress the founding crimes of our nations: Land theft, genocide, slavery. Yes, the hardest stuff. Because we haven’t just been procrastinating climate action all these years. We’ve been procrastinating and delaying the most basic demands of justice and reparation. And we are out of time on every front.

All this should be done because it’s right and just, but also because it’s smart. The hard truth is: Environmentalists can’t win the emission-reduction fights on our own. It’s not a slight against anyone; the life is just too heavy. This transformation represents a revolution in how we live, work, and consume.

To win that kind of change, it will take powerful alliances with every arm of the progressive coalition: trade unions, migrant rights, Indigenous rights, housing rights, transit, teachers, nurses, doctors, artists. To change everything, it takes everyone.

And to build that kind of coalition, it’s got to be about justice: economic justice, racial justice, gender justice, migrant justice, historical justice. Not as afterthoughts but as animating principles. That will only happen when we take real leadership from those most impacted. – Naomi Klein, Excerpt from her book; ‘ON FIRE – The (Burning) Case for a GREEN NEW DEAL’

For those that have yet to view this documentary, I strongly suggest making this one of our very first homework assignment therefor is to watch ‘How Hot Is It Going To Get’ on Amazon Prime.

Climate Emergency in regards to the upcoming Elections (and overall politics) is not a polarized entity, even Republicans have children thus the Climate Emergency requires telling the special interest to pack their bags and hit the road.

Please let us educate ourselves so we do not get played again (for those that did in previous elections). Every advertisement we come across can be a tool to either mislead or manipulate us to vote this or that way, or worse a manipulative move to get us to not vote at all. In the coming election, the only wise vote that is a necessity is to vote for a Democrat.

So please let us not make the total sum of our elections decisions based entirely on advertisements we see on social media, television advertisements, and/or other places, instead let us learn about each candidate. Listen to them and see where their passion and ideology live.

Better yet, visit Sunrise Movement and see who they support as they are really awesome at backing those candidates that not only care about our environment but have their sleeves rolled up and ready to tackle the Climate Emergency using the Green New Deal and United Nations SDGs.

Those running for office that are truly unethical usually have a consistency to their messages, and their past and current actions will reflect these. This is a good criterion as now it is very necessary to vote wisely due to the Climate Emergency. Just because a candidate has a lot of money and great advertisements does not mean they have your concerns in mind, in fact they have both their own interest and those of their financial supporters.

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” – Robert F. Kennedy

Now regarding the Climate Emergency, due to various reasons and understandable situations, many of us might not be able to stand in front of pipelines, homes, buildings, in offices, protest and at certain venues (like many of the climate fighters currently do) yet it does not mean we cannot take part in the transition towards a safe and stable climate.

All of us share the exact same responsibility which is to vote at the all elections, which in many states require obtaining an ID or jumping through other hoops. We have to be pretty much on the same page and vote Democrat just this once.

If it takes efforts then we have to be self-responsible and strict with ourselves to make the necessary steps to make this happen. We are not telling you how to vote however due to the current Climate Emergency it does not take a rocket scientist to clearly see which candidate is tackling our current Climate Emergency and making it a priority in his or her campaign.

To highlight the gravity of how severe this Climate Emergency is or rather heading please check out this book excerpt from Bill McKibben:

Climate Change has become such a familiar term that we tend to read past it—it’s part of our mental furniture, like urban sprawl or gun violence. So, let’s remember exactly what we’ve been up to, because it should fill us with awe; it’s by far the biggest thing humans have ever done. Those of us in the fossil fuel—consuming classes have, over the last two hundred years, dug up immense quantities of coal and gas and oil, and burned them: in car motors, basement furnaces, power plants, steel mills. When we burn them, the carbon atoms combine with oxygen atoms in the air to produce carbon dioxide. The molecular structure of carbon dioxide traps heat that would otherwise have radiated back out to space. We have, in other words, changed the energy balance of our planet, the amount of the sun’s heat that is returned to space. Those of us who burn lots of fossil fuel have changed the way the world operates, fundamentally.

The scale of this change is the problem. If we just burned a little bit of fossil fuel, it wouldn’t matter. But we’ve burned enough to raise the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 275 parts per million to 400 parts per million in the course of two hundred years. We’re on our way, on the present trajectory, to 700 parts per million or more. Because none of us knows what a “part per million’ feels like, let me put it in other terms. The extra heat that we trap near the planet because of the carbon dioxide we’re spewed is equivalent to the heat from 400,000 Hiroshima-sized bombs every day, or for each second.6 – Bill McKibben, excerpt from his book Falter – Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?

The important thing is that we-the-people (which is majority) need to be in solidarity which means first registering to vote, then voting Democrat, while encouraging others to vote. Again, for various understandable reasons we might not be able to protest at different events and that is OK, yet VOTING is us wielding a weapon against injustice, it is protesting at one of the highest level.

To Latinos that have voting power:

If you see Latinos here and there you will notice they are bold, proudly embrace their culture like no other, cherish and share their food and welcome others like family wherever they go. They embody millions of strong voting individuals in the mainland United States and with pride come their tendency not to forget whatever wrongdoing has been done to them.

The coming elections will definitely see their moral revenge in action when they in mass vote for Democrats. Latinos never forget injustice as it is their battle yell.

Now if you are Latino there is no excuse and this is not my trying to instill guilt what-so-ever. It is about supporting those who are living in hellish conditions and by our voting for Democrats will help to expedite rebuilding and various other types of support. For us Latinos this is moral revenge (which equates to a peaceful action using a powerful weapon–our vote).

Again Latinos never forget injustice, like many other Latinos I learned this first hand from my mother as well. We owe it to our brothers, sisters, and families that were the brunt of severe injustice. Kick Ass and Vote Democrat! No Excuse!

To the Boricua please support our island now more than ever by voting Democrat as this will cement much more needed support as opposed to the visible apathy that we see. When my dad saw Trump throwing paper-towels at us he cried, saying it felt like; ‘toma pa que no joda mas.

For those Latinos supporting Trump – ‘Shame on you’ – instead of your own self-centeredness think about your brothers and sisters who were stepped on by racist, conceited and corrupt leadership. As a Latino myself the idea of supporting someone who locked us up in cages like animals is repulsive and my understanding that some of you support this is hideous and disgusts me. Wake up and think about others for a change, especially those that share you culture.

Enough of this bullshit already!

The planet is burning up and some of the ones in power (and government office) but lacking morality, value and respect for others dignity seem to also lack an ethical backbone as well! Time to change this reality – feel me?

This is why the important thing is that we vote for Biden/Harris and be on the same page. The goal is to clean up our government (remember it is our government too), it is our duty to take it back by voting all that useless waste (greed-and-racist leadership) out once and for all.

Unqualified leadership given the opportunity to continue to take up seats in our government offices no matter what level will only serve to not only expedite us to the extinction list but move us up to the top of this list (adamantly observed by another scientist).

As a civilization we should be more compassionate, more forward-thinking and much more involved in the expedited mechanisms and effects of the Green New Deal (see GEM), and SDGs, which symbolizes climate change adaptation, solutions, mitigation, mobilization, etc…

Once again to all please keep these steps in mind and which is abundantly clear:

1. Register to Vote! (Get help at, everything you need is there!)

2. Encourage others to vote! (Take responsibility for encouraging five people!)

3. Vote! Vote! Vote! (The help is there, the action is in you…)

Not only vote for a Biden/Harris but vote for Democrats that do not accept funds from special interest and vote for those who are not fearful of working towards making Global Climate Change issues a priority!

We must continue to speak out, especially when we see children. Many of us feel like this is our destiny or mission, as we are deeply driven by a desire that cannot always be explained. With our underlying motivation being from the realism of our efforts are not for financial gain, yet more from the continuance of our humanity.

In the news there was something mentioned that this or that action will cause the democrats to lose the elections, in my defense I have no idea what I was listening to but heard that part. For-your-information, do not buy into any of this crap, this is total bullshit – let us not believe these lies anymore, as we-the-people are the ones who decide who is voted into office or not. We decide, not that transparent manipulative rhetoric crap that is being espoused through some of those being interviewed, advertisements, the media, or other sources (hint, hint).

We all must not fear being intimidated from facing injustice no matter how powerful or much money it represents. We must not allow the special interest’s hired-hands or breadcrumb-grabbers to discourage us from what needs to be done. Period! Our children and their future depend on this.

I had the fortune to come face to face several times with some of these knuckle-daggers (Climate Deniers/Anti-Science individuals and groups) and I can say with confidence that it only served to strengthen my conviction and help me transform for the better. I hope one day they also will eventually wake up from their greed induced state or delusions.

No more will it be about those in power calling the shots, it is us—the people deciding through our collective voting power, we must not be the chained elephant anymore. Let us use our legal strength and power which is to vote!

Look we’re all tired of the madness, this is something one of the emotional issues we all have in common, this is our chance, if we show up to the polls in massive numbers, in all ways, mail, absentee and mail-in, we can give them no chance of calling a discrepancy, when something is this obvious it simply cannot be doubted.

Here is a specific quote at give credence to the trauma we all share in common.

Scars remind us where we’ve been, they don’t have to dictate where we’re going… – Criminal Minds Series Quote, Netflix

We must not forget here in the United States that we are not the only country dealing with an emotional dictator. The time of greed and apathy are over, it is time for humanism or we will lose ourselves in the inhumanity of the current Climate Emergency as it worsens, which it will. This is very important, we must give it a really big push predominantly for our children’s sake. This is a stone cold fact.

At the time of the next President we can make something awesome if we just give the Green New Deal a try and in time I hope to explain a lot of it that relates to the grassroots level, the hood, the barrio and the burbs.

I promise you that the Green New Deal is the direction to go, I know this first hand now. The more you learn about it the more you see the benefits of it. This I promise you. It is absolutely awesome and those that reject it simply want to cling to ignorance as change scares everyone, and this is in and of itself is another important issue. We must give up being fearful of change, once this happens we can progress much more quickly.

It terms of where do we go from here, it is always back to the basics of self-improvement and self-education, learning is also power and will help adapt to the current Climate Emergency. I will offer a source for this as well.

The Green New Deal

One point about the Green New Deal, I am currently reading my third GND book along with several articles on the subject and must tell you immediately my hope for the future increases each and every time I educate myself about the Green New Deal. There is obviously campaign going to discredit the Green New Deal. One can just do an article or video search for verification of this.

The Green New Deal is absolutely a brilliant and amazing potential prospect. At the grass root-level we can simply call it the Green Agreement as it has the potential to not only create but transform what is absolutely killing us to that which will infuse a green life full of vitality and opportunity. It opens the door for the benefits of renewable energy and empowers all of us both financially and helps secure and improve our living conditions.

It is not to be feared but created through various initiatives, understood, and implemented immediately. From what I have read already it is exactly what is needed to turn this gloomy fossil-fuel driven economy and infrastructure around where one starts realizing a safe and stable planet for our children and their future families.

Because of the Climate Emergency the adaptation to the GND will not be easy as it worsen however as late as will be it will be like riding a wild horse in a stable, but we can reap the benefits of it in order to better prepare ourselves. Again reaping the benefits of it entails that we all are empowered financially, hence another reason to overwhelm the election process in one way or another.  There is a way to do it. This is covered in GEM.

None of this will happen unless we vote in Biden/Harris and vote Trump out massively. We also need to vote out those in congress and the senate that simply have to go based on their obvious actions while in and out of office. For verification simply watch or listen to the news.

(Excerpt from original 2020 disclaimer)

I personally would like to make one specific point to the supporters of our current president who really value what he says as face-value truth. The one aspect or commonality that I notice among all Trump supporters is the same exact thing that non-supporters have and that is our ‘Hope’ – hope that all will be secure, hope that all of our needs are met, and hope that it will be rewarding.

The hope that we can all live in comfort and not worry about our health-care, jobs, and children’s future is something all of us, Trump supporters and Biden supporters have in common. I can assure you that it is not Biden or progressives that will remove this hope (and all your stuff), but our current Climate Emergency and the only difference is that many who are voting for Biden/Harris are already aware of this.

Bearing the facts, Trump is not a capable leader and will not be a harbinger of ‘Hope’ but a demolisher of ‘Hope’ which is very well known by many. We Biden/Harris supporters are simply trying to protect your future as well by getting you to see a little into the imminent possibilities. When the Climate Shit really hits the fan for you, it will be at that moment that regret for voting for Trump will be clear to you. Your future is also at stake here, my friend.

We in fact, have all this ‘Hope’ in common. All of us! However the results of having our hope’s fulfilled comes from solidarity, unified efforts and collectively working together and not from one person’s promise, whether Democrat or Republican. What is needed is a Green New Deal which fulfills just that and not empty words and promises that lead to bait-and-switch outcomes after elected.

The reason I say this is that the more I learn about the Green New Deal and other measures towards establishing a safe, stable and just society (climate) the more I realize that the future can be bright, safe and more if we just think about others, the children and most of all constantly think of ideas of how we can help, what we can offer and how we can be a part of these solutions, innovations and such that the Green New Deal provides opportunities to.

A word to those Climate-Deniers and Anti-Science groups; at this point if you are not seeing the writing on the wall and if you primarily motivated by distortion or table-crumbs of the greedy rich please consider that time will not be kind to you plus there is so much more to gain from self-education than to leave your mind filled by the unethical motivations of others. Those who are recruited into this camp and are paid to do this please know that your integrity and sense-of-purpose can be transformed or rejuvenated.

“Focus is a matter of deciding what things you’re not going to do.” – John Carmack

Another point I would like to also mention is that as I learn more about the Green New Deal, the more I have a stronger sense of optimism for the future, therefore I question those who condemn it without a solid source or evident for such. It is not at all or even close to those negative uneducated opinions and criticisms that you might hear.

In fact, when you hear these criticisms, speak up and tell that person; ‘Where is your source from?’ or ‘what scientific evidence can you provide for your supposedly based fact?’ – do not hesitate to question as there should always be a scientific or professionally researched source and if they cannot provide it, then you then know they are speaking from a distorted or presumptuous direction.

Once again, think about this carefully as the continuation of humanity is on the line and currently heading towards a very extreme danger zone. We cannot continue to allow Trump to do this to our children’s future, we must stand firm together and see that he is voted out of office via mail-ins, absentee and waiting in long lines if we have to. Please Vote Biden/Harris for this purpose if none other.

Thank you for reading this blog post!

Original Written January 28th, 2020, however updated September 24th, 2020