Happy Labor Day:

“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.” – Ivy Baker Priest

United States: To those Climate Deniers and Anti-Science entities and groups who are funded by the unethical part of justice department, that take orders from the unethical part EPA, ALEC, and others, who are at the behest of the Fossil-Fuel industry, Koch Industries and other greed driven immoral individuals and corporations.

Am I making an assumption?  Perhaps, however based on something that happened to my Climate Company I know for sure about the unethical part of the Justice Department aspect (also due to some inside information).

Climate Deniers and Anti-Science bodies that wield authority, there is no need to put us under observation, under surveillance, or working on intimidating us away from ethical Climate Action as in time we all will suffer the excruciating effects of this Climate Emergency as it progressively worsens.  Eventually you will be in the boat with us rowing toward sustainability for our children’s future (and your financial future as well).

World-Wide:  I see now why Extinction Rebellion who might not be popular with many right now is given such a difficult time as they are the closets entity to saving our planet.  They will not only be respected but sought after as we arrive closer to 2024 and 2026.  To those two reporters in England that mocked and humiliated them on their interview early September, I want you to know that in just a few years to come you will realize you’re living a life of guilt.

I am not trying to make it about us against you or them type of scenario, however what I am getting at is that science has to be taken into consideration and acted on otherwise we are completely complicit in the deaths of millions maybe billions of people and the ultimate destruction of our children’s future.  I sense this to be a stark reality if action is not expedited.

What will you say or do when it becomes more than obvious that devastation heightens due to your denialism whatever it is based on and that the pushing of Anti-Science ideology through media social and otherwise sits on your laps?

What of those that love this country, no; the planet and want nothing other than seeing that it is healing and improving and not heading towards destruction and barbarism?  Are we not allowed to use our creativity, skills, or passions to help see this reality?

“Honesty pays, but it doesn’t seem to pay enough to suit some people.” – Kin Hubbard

How can we criticize and condemn each other (and countries) when we are doing the same thing ourselves.  As countries tackling this Climate Emergency we should be working together, sharing ideas and assisting each other and not focused on what we each other is not doing and even denying the reality of this Climate Emergency.  Financial gain also ultimately means nothing on a dying planet.

“What has made this nation great? Not its heroes but its households.” – Sarah Orne Jewett

I have been studying some of the Green New Deal lately from various authors and find that it will provide an amazing future for all of our planet, if one could see how well things would improve should we give it the traction it needs one would be amazed at what would be gained in terms of financial wellbeing due to this reality.

I will be sharing some of what I learned over at climatechangecommunity.com.  The economy is very unstable and we have a solution of how to improve on the grassroots level by means of the Green New Deal.  Studying the economic part of the Green New Deal for me was tough due to my lack of understanding however I trust it will be an opportunity where none exist.

What is really more important and crucial that must be mentioned is that we cannot burn any fossil-fuels, fracking, use coal and quicken renewable ways especially to replace the use of natural gas.

I cannot be overstated how crucial this certainty is as we are looking at temperatures of 300 degrees Fahrenheit if we continue in the direction we are going.  One quickly realizes that nothing can exist under these temperatures, nothing!

As it stands right now we will probably be seeing the normal daily temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit which means that animals (yes all cats and dogs too) and plant life perishes leaving us to live underground or in bubbles.

If you think this is far-fetched, please watch the documentary (found only on Amazon Prime) entitled:  ‘How Hot Is It Going To Get’ and not only this documentary but read the February 2nd, 2007 IPCC report which basically outlines this as well.

We cannot let those individuals, organizations, entities, corporations, media, social outlets, and especially leaders drive us to our destruction.  I mustn’t happen.

Logic and reason spells that if we keep reelecting those leaders that are concerned only with their self-interest we will definitely usher in a planet that will be doomed, one can see this just by the actions of the Presidents in United States and Brazil and how they are actively expediting our demise.

It is no longer about being an alarmist but it predominantly about us being humans and saying, we see the direction we are heading and telling world leaders and elected officials either work with us to change course or we will fire you from your job at each and every election.

“One must live the way one thinks or end up thinking the way one has lived” – P. Bourget