Ideas, Birthday, Article remembrances for 2030 and my Dad’s passing due to COVID-19.

Remember you do not have to read this…

Climate Change Community is working on more than just regurgitating ‘news’ and ‘of interest crucial’ climate stories, although, one of the points of disseminating or rather sharing information is a noteworthy bookmark of the time period when there was significant changes in humanity and history (new leaders and increased climate fury, as well as the ongoing pandemic).

Also meaning that due to this, it becomes one of the reasons to keep records especially now of our climate action history such as blog posts and the like is that in 10 years ‘2030’ we go back and note the difference of our climate actions. In fact, monitor as we move forward.

Then also looking back we ask ourselves if we are hopeful, content, disappointed or regretful’ – after all we will only have to answer to our children and grandchildren, so our current transformation sort of depends on our actions now. That is one reason why January 20th became a resounding sigh of relief for many of us.

Another reason is that there is now clearly visible ‘hope’ in the form of solutions, ideas and inventions that are either not reported on mainstream media (not their fault) or are but just not in some countries such as ours. Hope filled solutions, ideas and the like is one of the more important reasons to share news and breakthroughs.

Tough times—it now seems that now we have to be like those struggling artists, philosophers, thinkers, and many others who are not strangers to hardships, in both creating our best labor and supporting each other while at the same time mired in these deep struggles and increased challenges. The Climate Emergency requires this.

Something President Biden, Vice President Harris, the EPA, their cabinet and others have experienced first-hand taking office and regardless of this have wasted no time addressing very crucial climate related issues. A really big thank you from many of us to President Biden, Vice-President Harris and their cabinet.

I sense evolving while undergoing tough and troublesome difficulties creates a different type of human being, for a good example, the leader (and the tribe) in that movie ‘300’ is a perfect attitude illustration, he (and they) would literally do anything to protect his/their home, the people he/they loved and his/their culture (dignity), regardless of the immensity of the problem in front of him/them.

Not to instill hopelessness or fear, but that climate emergency that is growing requires adaptation at every single level of society, every level. Spun by Exxon and other’s greed and arrogance this Climate Emergency will cause undue hardship, in manners that require stepping out of our comfort zones to prepare for.

Now do you see why many people especially our children fight as hard as hell this ‘Climate Emergency’ which in time will definitely make anything and everything we are dealing with now dwarf in comparison?

Intention is not to sound self-righteous, however many women/men of intense action, moral idealists, or curious scavengers of resources (cCc’s intentions) know that several things will have to happen as this Climate Emergency worsens, for instance a few inventions will probably need to be made and a host of other devices and ideas implemented.

I plan to share anything I can find including my own ideas. To do that I will intensify and fine tune my efforts, polish my passion, and strengthen my spirit to match that spirit from that movie and kick these and other obstacles into that black circular hole, all the while yelling ‘We are Humanity’ – feel me…

My birthday is today the same day as a few of my mentors. So let’s talk again on or around the 13th. In the meantime it is family time for us at cCc…50

My dad passed away from COVID-19 on the 27th of January, along with many prayers and sadness it has been a really tough time. We are honoring (memorial) his life on his birthday.

I want to share on experience I had with my dad if you do not mind. Here goes…

One summer, I do not remember the year but that is not important.

He and Mom lived in Rancho Cordova, California for some time – so I used to visit often from the East Coast.

Anyway, to get to the point…. My mom really wanted to go to Yosemite Park in a really bad way (something we did every so often), and for that matter so did I. So we packed up the car the night before, the next day with beautiful and we were all loading into the car and then my dad came out, with a T-Shirt on from hell.

My mom, told him to go back in and put on a more presentable t-shirt, and I immediately thought he should wear a t-shirt I brought as a gift which was way too large for me. It said, ‘Climate Change’ – “There is no Planet B’ or something very close to that.

He loved it, I loved it and mom loved it so off we went. I must tell you every single place we stopped whether at a gas station, store or simply walking the park, people kept talking to him about the condition of ‘Climate Change’ because of his t-shirt and sometimes my dad would always proclaim how nature was such a natural beauty and how sad it is that we abuse her.

I must mention there was a woman there near ‘El Capitan’ from I believe Norway with her family and she was in tears and crying very loudly, stating that this is not how she remembered Yosemite growing up, noting that some of that natural falls were all but gone. We all emphasized with her with my dad kept trying to calm her along with the women’s family. We all felt sadness thinking because of ‘greed’ the planet was being destroyed.

Years later around September 2016, tired of my incessant harping about what we are as a humanity doing this this planet, my dad said; ‘Son, we’re already dead’ and this sobering thought terrified me so much that I knew I could not give up the fight in helping protect the planet in any way possible.

I am working on an idea that is different and will be sharing in time as I strongly sense it might be helpful for a lot of locales.

Please be safe, social distance and wear a mask. Let’s listen to our medical experts particularly Dr. Fauci especially when emphasizing the carefulness needed from us in tacking this COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this note.

So now some the posts at cCc will decrease to only really crucial urgent articles as I work on sharing an idea in real-time (something I did not think I could do but will attempt). I will still post articles in bulk at the ‘articles’ page though. At this site, I will always post cultural and musical content as well.

I am hoping to share some of my ideas, especially GEM and so henceforward there will an uptick on these.

One last thing and it is very important to me, this site and cCc are not any type of official climate based websites, and they are basically a result of my hobby which is learning more about our Climate Emergency and the ideas and solutions in tackling it. So you really do not have to be here or agree, simply note that this is something that I am drawn to without compulsion.

Personally I realize many people read what I write, something I was not used to yet to clarify I am by no means anyone special or even knowledgeable, just a simple person who reads a bit. The one thing I do know for sure and I am stating this for a fact, I was born to help tackle this Climate Emergency, I know this 100%.

Stay tuned.