When the country’s attitudes, awareness, and priorities are so divided then working towards the common goal of tackling the Climate Emergency becomes dire in that cohesion needs to urgently develop based on the sense of urgency in minimizing this Climate Crisis.

Amazing Climate Emergency song recorded some time ago about the destruction of the Amazon, the lungs of planet Earth.

Amazona by Bochinche

Green New Deal or are Humans the next Proverbial Dodo Birds to go off the Cliff?


“The assumption must be that those who can see value only in tradition, or versions of it, deny man’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances.” – Stephen Bayley

 I am sure many that many agree that it is now very important to keep harping on the importance of the level of attention to our current Climate Emergency. New ideas and/or known solutions can sometimes be unique or rewritten in order for our fight against the Climate Emergency to possibly have a stronger impact.  More on this below but in the meantime, I like to start off with short italicized note to our new government leaders after Election Day.

(Many I am sure are grateful that you are bringing the U.S. back into the Climate Fight, I am also sure countless others will be especially content if even to obtain even a bit of fair ground in dealing with this emergency at every level (as we all know anti-science and denialism have been predominantly calling the shots).

 It is extremely important and now necessary to move the Green New Deal and other climate mobilization plans and adaptation efforts to the forefront as a necessity.  As well we are sure many are also open to viewing in detail any enhancements, add-on plans, and ideas to the Green New Deal instead of condemnation of it.)

 Outside of this it is very clear that many do not support the Green New Deal for lack of understanding and other reasons, but we must accept and understand that on the grassroots level the Green New Deal is a work in progress.  

To those condemning the Green New Deal it is of importance that we see/hear your alternative plans and ideas, otherwise you are indicating things are just fine the way they are and as we all have seen with COVID-19 this is absolutely not the case.

Once the Green New Deal obtains a stronger backbone I am sure we all will realize the amazing potential the Green New Deal works at; which is basically our empowerment in better arming ourselves in lieu of the Climate Emergency as it becomes truly unpleasant.  Many I am sure want to help start sharing and adding to the Green New Deal ideas and main points.

But I can also assure you that many of us do not understand the Green New Deal either, we basically realize the necessary assistance that it provides; so with that being the case we must create it, we must produce something new of the Green New Deal at the Grassroots level.  In idea this is very important and one aspect of the Green New Deal that cannot or should not be dismissed.

Yes, I only understand perhaps a certain percentage of the Green New Deal yet like many we always strive to increase this percentage, nonetheless the more I read the more I understand and realize how clear the Green New Deal validity becomes.

We were asked (specifically from all the Climate Organizations) to find a talent or rather our individual passion, or use our skills and apply it to our tackling the Climate Emergency, basically all hands on deck in a form that is most comfortable for us, utilizing our talents, skills, and passions. 

I think this is a great first step. Join a Climate Organization, such as those listed throughout, Climate Change Community (.com) which by the way this site will be my own contribution and more (basically my own hands-on-deck).

Our Current Climate Emergency is without a doubt ‘World War III’ – we must rub this fact into the core of our lives, and act like it.  The only difference with this war is that we are not fighting one another but effects of both a greed and starved for power based nature.  This type of war must be fought world-wide as comrades not opponents.

Many probably are now urged to rethink their Green New Deal rejection response.  As the emergencies grow and becomes dire, every single idea or suggestion towards enhancement to our evolution and progress must be listened to or at the very least weighed by the weight they carry in minimizing the damages that are on their way. 

It is now extremely important for us to listen to the young people, they are (and have been for some time now) asking for a sustainable future, our children are asking for us to vote in every election for leaders that are anxious to tackle our current Climate Emergency.  This is crucial, as these leaders also bring ‘Climate Adaptation’ ideas and suggestions. 

During election periods in general (not just this coming one) we notice carefully a string of manipulation and illegal activities from those dishonorable candidates that are designed to keep us in a ‘business as usual state of affairs’ and this is very dangerous as it will definitely create the Dodo Bird Effect of us.

There are a few candidates that are running right now that represent going back to a fading way of living.  Like the Dodo Bird who went extinct as the story goes by going off the cliff of ignorance and for humanity this also includes following those whose primary objective is to line their pockets (greed) and maintain or obtain power irrespective of who is affected.

The thread is there if one notices the direction this yarn comes from and it will become clear that it is the fossil fuel (by the way see ExxonMobil article mentioned below), individual organizations, wealthy individuals, and other corporate entities that are the very source of not only our earth’s destruction but everything that inhabits it, humans, plants, animals, oceans and the list goes on.

For many of us, know for sure is that we need Climate Fighter Candidates that are going to help us deal and prepare via the Green New Deal and United Nations’ SDGs.  The problem is that this very necessity is in danger of becoming a reality too late; yet our votes in every single election is the hammer we hold that requires a forceful hit that will help prevent us from going off that cliff, if you get my drift.

We cannot afford leadership of any kind that does not focus on this Climate Emergency, no matter what party you represent.  We also can no longer afford those that do not have our welfare and future of humanity in mind; they are the very ones that work continuously on keeping our society in the chained elephant state.

We must vote for Biden/Harris in this election (11/03) even if you are anti-science, a Trump supporter, Climate Denier and others…  Think of it as a necessity, with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris we can batten down the hatch in preparation of the incoming storm, basically stop  looking at each other and face the monster that is coming towards us.

It might not be 100% what we need or want at first but it is much better than our current situation where much needed Climate Action is forcefully held back by the very entities and their hired-hands/crumb grabbers that created it.  Thankfully this will start to change otherwise we would be looking at a very dismal future worse than what is already on track.

We are either the Dodo Birds or are learning to adapt to and tackle the ‘Climate Emergency.’

GRETA THUNBERG: The older generations have failed tackling the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced. When we say to them that we are worried about the future of our civilization, they just pat on our heads, saying, “Everything will be fine. Don’t worry.” But we should worry. We should panic. And by panic, I don’t mean running around screaming. By panic, I mean stepping out of our comfort zones. – Greta Thunberg (Interview with Amy Goodman from DemocracyNow.org)

To Trump Supporters Reading This:

It is time to be very critical of individuals running for office and the source of their contributions as well as the message they constantly relay to win your votes (in all elections).  Other than the current Climate Emergency no one is coming to take your stuff.  Repeat, there is only one source that will take your stuff and that is our current Climate Emergency, nothing else.  Basically, don’t blame the left or progressives for something that is out of their hands.

Sometimes blaming others for our discontent leads to a life of shame and cynicism, a truly miserable and gloomy way of living.  Climate Emergency is a World-Wide issue, so we are not alone.

Voting for Biden/Harris is ‘a necessity’ as we cannot afford to deny a particular fact, even if you are intending on voting for Trump. This Fact is that we are now voting to keep ourselves off the extinction list (this fact is becoming more and more vocal from scientists now), whether we want to face this it or not.

This fact is not an attempt of persuasion for you to vote for someone but for ‘a necessity’ that no matter what you believe in right now, put down emotional disappointments and judgments and vote for Biden/Harris.  I explain why as you read on.

Right now regardless of what party you are in, Biden/Harris’ is definitely a vote towards a dire necessity which is now needed in tackling the Climate Emergency as it worsens.  In fact, all of our votes from here on in should be those that acknowledge that fact we are in a Climate Emergency and are open to ideas and policies that address it, especially the Green New Deal.  We definitely do not want to regret this, no matter how much money one has.

Government, when it works, can truly serve the people who comprise the body politic, protect us against exploitation and abuses, set rules and regulations that rein in the excesses of capitalism, prevent ecological destruction, provide justice for minority groups, education, and investment that reflect our deeper values.

 And so, another question that must be lit like a grassfire under the asses of all serious
candidates, is: How they are going to reverse the corruption that has obscured democracy? – Victoria Collier and Ben-Zion Ptashnik

As it appears it is as if those candidates that are not receiving much air-time from the mainstream media that are the most capable and better able to lead us towards a sustainable future for our children and their futures (families & environment).    Better yet, one can simply visit the Sunrise Movement website for a list of  their supported candidates as they support candidates who would become capable Climate Leaders.

Please keep in mind that presidential/vice-president candidates such as Biden/Harris are the two most capable individuals that are the most prepared to work with us since there is no top down anymore in regards to dealing with this Climate Emergency, in fact, it is as the Climate Mobilization (.org)  website once indicated; ‘All Hands on Deck. 

In other words, we need leaders who will not say they will enact bold ideas but that actually do it, we need leaders who are not working for those who only value is financial wealth and not humanity’s health.  We need leaders that fully recognize the gravity and dire need of response towards this current Climate Emergency.

As the world’s largest economy and second-largest carbon emitter, as a country with unsurpassed ability to drive innovation and scientific breakthroughs, as the country that people around the world continue to look to in times of crisis, we’ve got a vital role to play. We can’t stand on the sidelines. We’ve got a unique responsibility. – President Barack Obama

There are online news media and independent outlets that are extremely necessary to cover this Climate Emergency more as a necessity, some of the media that either are or have been focused on this already include TYT, TED Talks, The Guardian, DemocracyNow, Mike Malloy, Thom Hartman, BradBlog, InsideClimateNews, and a host of others (including Podcasts and online talk-shows) whom many of which will be found on my future sites link page.

Many of the so called mainstream media, not just the distasteful ones are owned and operated by these very individuals that are only concerned with either extracting financial gain as a primary priority or their agenda which usually entails keeping their investors and shareholders content which spells out that their concern of humanity as their last or even valueless thought.

“How wretched is the person who hangs on by the favors of the powerful.” – Robert Burns

Let’s take a moment to watch a very impactful and vital video regarding our current Climate Emergency:

Check out this video: Climate change will displace millions. Here’s how we prepare | Colette Pichon Battle

Great message, huh?

Without a doubt what we are failing to see is that many of us will be displaced and unless we start here in the United States by choosing leaders that are very serious about what steps need to be taken and begin preparing we will be those Dodo Birds without a doubt.

Millions are aware we are in a political crisis due to corruption and this is something that must be dealt with by also choosing capable leaders to occupy all areas of our government especially our executive office, many of us get that, yet we also need to focus and point more attention to our current Climate Emergency which is staring us right in our faces.

Choose a leader who will invest in Building bridges, not walls.
Books, not weapons. Morality, not corruption.
Intellectualism and wisdom, not ignorance.
Stability, not fear and terror.
Peace, not chaos.
Love, not hate.
Convergence, not segregation.
Tolerance, not discrimination.
Fairness, not hypocrisy.
Substance, not superficiality.
Character, not immaturity.
Transparency, not secrecy.
Justice, not lawlessness.
Environmental improvement and preservation, not destruction.
Truth, not lies.”
– Suzy Kassem

Many of us are supporting Biden/Harris as the two ‘Climate Warrior’ leaders that will definitely help us be that turn-in-the-road which keeps us from going over that cliff that the Dodo Birds took, otherwise as a constant reminder—it will be very worrisome in terms of our current direction.

By the way, regarding the Green New Deal I notice there is now an organization and individuals pumping out authors, articles, and videos (will not point to them) that try to make a case against the Green New Deal which I suggest you stay clear of any sources that condemns, criticizes, and/or tries to make a case against the Green New Deal as I can assure you it is total bullshit.

I have read a ton already about the Green New Deal and yes a large part is of course government based but it is as mentioned above something we all work on together to bring to life.  It is something that each of us owns in our hearts not something told to us from the top down.  Again all that misinformation is total bullshit, and I know for sure if one has a great idea that can be attached to the Green New Deal it will be reviewed and considered.

 It is our planet therefore it is our SDGs and our Green New Deal, not governments alone or any other organization for that matter, we grow it, create it and realize it in our own lives as well.  This planet belongs to us all, so a figurative meaning of the Green New Deal and UN’s SDGs can also be defined as humanity working in solidarity in tandem with nature in the preservation and protection of earth and all its living species including ourselves.

When you read GEM one will have a much more clear idea of how we can at the Grass Root level benefit tremendously from the Green New Deal. Note also that very large corporations and mom & pop companies will benefit as well while contributing to the fight against our enemy of commonality, the Climate Emergency.

“Understand that all battles are waged on an unconscious level before they are begun on the conscious one, and this battle is no different. The power structure wishes us to believe that the only options available are those which they present to us, we know this is simply not true, and therefore we must redefine the terrain of this conflict, and clearly, it is a conflict of worldviews and agendas.” – Teresa Stover

So in regard to information coming into your mind please do not allow yourself to be played or buy into both corrupt politicians and media misinformation (especially some mainstream media) bullshit.  Our children’s lives, hell all of our lives, are in imminent danger so wake-the-heck up and smell the CO2 dammit.

In terms of mainstream media, we have noticed a recent uptick on coverage about this Climate Emergency and it is about time, however please speed up and widen discourse as our children who have been at the forefront have had their messages ignored by you guys which many I am sure find immoral and egocentric on your part.

What the hell is it going to take?  Does it have to take the Oceans to boil and the skies to rain fire hail before we realize the significance of this emergency or to even stand up to  those who are causing this?

Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this blog post and remember to vote wisely by voting for Biden/Harris and Climate Leaders across the board as it is now a necessity. Again, we cannot afford to deny this reality.

“The best way to enhance freedom in other lands is to demonstrate here that our democratic system is worthy of emulation.” – Jimmy Carter


You do not have to read anything I post or agree with my suggestions, simply click away.
As my mom would say; “Dance to the drum at your own pace.”

I’d like to go back to earlier this year (February 2020), just before COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdowns…

 “The saddest thing is that this won’t be breaking news.” – Greta Thunberg

Greta is spot on!

Many things we have been told in the past are just as valid today as they were then:  Let’s take these two very important 416 PPM  (2.10.20) announcement videos for instance:

‘The World Just Hit Dangerous Climate Change Milestone And No One Cared – The Ring of Fire YouTube Video


Why The End Of The World Won’t Be Breaking News – Thom
Hartmann Program

Look around. Oil companies guzzle down the billions in profits. Billionaires pay a lower tax rate than their secretaries, and Wall Street CEOs, the same ones the direct our economy and destroyed millions of jobs still strut around Congress, no shame, demanding favors, and acting like we should thank them. Does anyone here have a problem with that? – Elizabeth Warren

 My intention in this note is not to take a side, religious, political -left, -right, -center, Climate Emergency does not give a shit where you are standing or what your damn political status is, doesn’t care if you rich beyond your means, live 30 feet underground, and on.

“A human action becomes genuinely important when it springs from the soil of a clear-sighted awareness of the temporality and the ephemerally of everything human. It is only this awareness that can breathe any greatness into an action.” – Vaclav Havel

We cannot say that our children have not made numerous efforts to warn us, that the scientists have not taken our shoulders in their hands and yelled for us to wake the hell up…

We cannot also say Climate Activist and organizations such as Extinction Rebellion have not tried to shake our pipes real hard that the water from the bust would wake us into action…

As adults it is now our time to respond by voting in Biden/Harris and cut the anti- and climate-denial at its root; from there on at the grass root level we can all offer vital support in both helping and working
side-by-side with our government thereby protecting and improving ourselves.

An so we are not only referring to this upcoming election but all elections, Climate Emergency damages will take us consistently voting in candidates as a matter of necessity now.

NOAM CHOMSKY: I want to make a couple of remarks below about the severe difficulty of maintaining and instituting democracy, the powerful forces that have always opposed it, the achievements of somehow salvaging and enhancing it, and the significance of that for the future. But first, a couple of words about the challenges that we face, which you heard enough about already and you all know about. I don’t have to go into them in detail. To describe these challenges as “extremely severe” would be an error. The phrase does not capture the enormity of the kinds of challenges that lie ahead. And any serious discussion of the future of humanity must begin by recognizing a critical fact, that the human species is now facing a question that has never before arisen in human history, question that has to be answered quickly: Will human society survive for long? – Amy Goodman with Noam Chomsky Program Excerpt | Source: 


In closing, and this is very serious, news just came in that we are on the pace of having an inhabitable planet and the time of ‘Government Inaction’ is basically over, now Climate Action has to be a priority and a carefully thought-out necessity.

ROMAIN PORCHERON: [translated] The idea is to show that all citizens of the world are aware and the common environmental and ecological objective is not individualist, it is about solidarity and the sharing between populations, that we are all in the same boat. That is planet Earth. If each one of us accept taking one step forward to change little habits, which then evolves into systematic change, we will be able to solve the crisis of climate change which threatens the entirety of humanity. – Interview excerpt with Amy Goodman of DemocracyNow.org

Everyone else has been basically waiting for this (Government and Leadership Action), so it will be a unification of citizens (who have been prepared and waiting) working together with the government in dealing with this Climate Emergency.  We must get that!  This is very important, I kid you not. 

We have to be very aggressive now in realizing net zero! Not by 2030 but as quickly as we can.  We must vote out Denialism, Anti-Science and Distorted Religious Actions,  this is what is precisely damaging our Natural World and in effect ourselves.

We cannot afford more failures from whatever leaders we  elect at this point.  Soon (November 3rd) we will decide on the President, Senators, Congress, Councilmen, Governors, Mayors and many others in important leadership levels.

It is imperative that we vote in only leaders that do not deny either our current Climate Emergency or Science in general.  We have a lot of catching up to do ‘Vite!’

Whether seen outright or not, I will continue to do my best to support however I am vowing now to push much harder to bring this Climate Emergency to the forefront.  If I do not reach out to you yet to support your Climate Movement it is because I am working on other ideas and endeavors.  This is the bottom line.

To Nurses, Emergency Services, Firemen, Teachers and Law-Enforcement you are the ‘Classic Definition’ of Climate Warriors, I strongly believe you can refer to yourselves as such.

We are all Climate Soldiers supporting you and you supporting us on mutual moral terms and with the primary goal of fighting in World War III (Definition: Tackling this Climate Emergency World-Wide), every single one of us.

Climate Leaders is what we are lacking at this point and on November 3rd, we VOTE in new Climate Leaders.

This is exactly how we must look at the November 3rd Elections.  We are voting in ‘Climate Leaders’ to deal with what is now a ‘Climate Necessity’ (see cCc when opened again for more details).

Please, please, please think and vote wisely.  We must vote our Denialism and Anti-Science from our government’s hallways, this cannot be stressed enough.  The future of our planet now depends on this.  It is a stark reality whether you want to accept it or not.

 Both major party candidates have spoken at times during this election about setting an example for the rest of the world. We don’t always achieve this, and often some of the things we do as a country are out of any one citizen’s control. Yet one major thing we have done right every four to eight years since the civil war is facilitate a peaceful transition of power. I don’t think most people realize what an amazing accomplishment that is. We check ourselves. We give people power. We take it away. We limit authority. We cycle public servants because we know that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

 That is why I know that we’ll be fine after this election, because we are the deciders, and 232 years ago we decided that a consistent influx of new ideas was necessary to sustain a growing experiment in democracy. I absolutely believe in this. I absolutely believe in the idea that voting for any candidate, any side of any issue is supremely important. Because when I vote I know that I am not just voting for a candidate or a zoo or a judge, but I am also voting for the future.  So maybe I’m not saving the country by voting for my selected candidate, but I am saving the country just by voting, and so are you. Take that for hyperbole. – Excerpt from ‘Ask your Dad’  Source: http://www.askyourdadblog.com/2012/11/3-simple-reasons-why-voting-is-important.html

 Please take a moment to listen to this Mike Malloy’s Podcast on the current status of our Climate Emergency.  Mike’s report here is very informative.

Please take a listen…

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Mr. Attenborough has a new documentary out entitled, ‘Extinction. The Facts’ – not sure details but it might be worth the search and watch.

‘Demented’: Oil Giant Refreezing Rapidly Melting Permafrost So It Can Keep Climate-Killing Artic Drilling Alive by Jon Queally

And finally

Green New Deal related article: Outside Biden’s town hall, middle school activists demand climate action
by Emily Pontecorvo

Thanks again for reading this blog post note…

“There are intangible realities which float near us, formless and without words; realities which no one has thought out, and which are excluded for lack of interpreters.” – Natalie Clifford Barney

Another beautiful yet sad Climate Emergency song in which they sing specifically about the extinction and destruction of animals from our planet.

Roberto Roena Y Su Apollo Sound – El Progreso – Bellas
Artes [LIVE]