Hi there, it’s me, the owner of Climate Change Community (.com), and I really want to talk to you about something super important. You know, I’m always thinking, praying, and hoping that something big happens. It’s like when you’re hoping for a snow day, but this is way more serious. I’m talking about getting President Biden and other countries to say, “Hey, we’re in a Climate Emergency!” It’s a bit like when your teacher says, “Time for a fire drill!” but for the whole planet.

When this happens, it’s like opening a door to lots of good stuff. We can do things that are good for the planet, like using clean energy and treating everyone fairly. But right now, some things are stopping us from doing that. It’s like when you really want to play outside, but it’s raining cats and dogs. We need to get rid of those obstacles.

And let me tell you, this needs to happen pronto! I’m not the only one who thinks so. A lot of smart people say this should’ve been done already. It’s like when you’re playing a game, and you’re waiting for your turn, but it takes forever. And you know what’s worse? The longer we wait, the more it seems like those folks who love polluting and hurting our planet are in charge. They’re like the bullies on the playground, but way scarier.

Here’s the thing: I always think about the future, like a sneak peek into the next ten years. It’s not the happiest thought. I get kinda sad thinking about it. It’s like when you know you have to clean your room, and you’re just not in the mood. I wish the people in charge would wake up and see what’s coming. I’m not saying, “I told you so,” but I’m like, “Hey, let’s get back on track, people!”

You know, good things are happening, but not enough. Some leaders care more about special things for them than about us, the people. It’s like if your friend gets a big slice of cake, and you only get a tiny piece. It’s just not fair. And you can tell they don’t really mean what they say. Their words sound good, but their actions don’t match.

Then there’s that one person, Donald Trump. He used to be the boss, but not anymore. Some people still follow him, even though he did some not-so-great stuff. He even admits it sometimes! It’s like if your older sibling breaks a vase and blames it on the dog. But some leaders still like him, which is kinda weird. It’s like being friends with someone who’s always getting in trouble.

Let’s talk about those leaders who only care about themselves. They don’t care about the bad things happening because of the Climate Emergency. It’s like when you see someone littering, and you know it’s wrong, but you don’t say anything. That’s not cool. And the people who vote for them? Well, it’s like following the leader blindly, even if they’re going the wrong way.

You know, there are many ways to help our planet. It’s not just about standing outside with signs, like in a parade. You can write, draw, talk to important people, learn more, and lots more. It’s like doing something you’re good at to help save the day. You don’t have to be a superhero, just do what feels right.

So, here’s what I really, really want to say: We have to get serious about the Climate Emergency. It’s not a game, it’s real life. It’s like if the whole world got sick, and we need to make it better. There’s this big problem with fossil fuels and big companies hurting nature. It’s like a sickness spreading slowly. If we don’t stop it, it’s like letting a monster grow, and that’s bad news. It’s not a nice picture, but it’s true.

We need to say, “Hey, it’s a CLIMATE EMERGENCY!” And then do all the things that come with it. It’s like when you know it’s bedtime and you brush your teeth, wash your face, and get into your PJs. We have to do what’s right for our planet, just like taking care of ourselves.


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