As a concerned citizen and a struggling Climate Change Company owner I wanted to share some very important information.   I had hoped on sharing this with an attorney due to the fact that I have first-hand experience.

I figure if these hackers employed by the Anti-Science, Climate Deniers and others who are funded by the fossil-fuel companies and others go out of their way to target me, a very insignificant Climate Change company owner then they must be doing much worse to others, especially those taking them to task via the legal system.

The Anti-Science, Climate Deniers and others who are working on behalf of the Fossil Fuel corporations especially such as those in lawsuits employ some of the top computer and phone hackers in the world.  I know this 150% to be a fact.

They do everything from stand outside your home, ride public transportation with you, follow you to coffee shops and much more.  One place I was seeing them a lot were in lobbies of buildings catching people coming back from lunch or what have you.  In NYC I have seen this decline though.  Actually they will look for any opportunity to access your cell phone and if possible your computer’s wireless features.

Instead of ranting more about this, let’s focus on what I suggest you do:

  1. Disable file and print sharing unless necessary.
  2. Disable ‘allow remote access to my computer’
  3. Hide your computer’s presence via Services (Your IT or send me an email for this)
  4. Install on both cell-phones and computers full-versions of Firewall and Malware apps or software such as Norton, Malwarebytes or Zone Alarm.
  5. YouTube search, ‘How to disable Youphone.exe’
  6. Use extreme caution when using public Wi-Fi networks.
  7. If dealing with highly sensitive work, keep at least one computer that is always off the internet.
  8. Be cognizant of those who are in your environment as sometimes they are more than obvious (such as working two phones at one time).

One experience I have is that since they were (might still be but not sure) in my email accounts they knew my schedule and more.  I have seen the same hacker at Starbucks in Queens, New York and then a few months later at a very small car rental shop in a small town in New Jersey.  The same hacker!  He was working two cell phones and appeared to be accessing people’s cell phone as they synced it with rental cars.

Another ploy that is used is that they might also will drop a file in your phone or computer entitled something like: ‘security.txt’ (that’s how it appears too many), however the whole name would be ‘security.txt.exe’ as in many systems the executable view is simply not enabled.  Please have your IT department enable this feature so you can see the complete name of the file.

If you think I am kidding about this last point I can give you the copy they dropped into my phone and computer as I am sure this is one way they destroyed my website 13 times already (see letter to attorney when my site reopens).

I am submitting this as a heads-up as this is one of the many challenges I have had to face just to get my Climate Change Company off the ground.

I am sharing this also as a PDF so you can send it to your colleagues and those who could be affected by this illegal action of theirs.

Thank you

Climate Change Community!

(10.28.19 Update: have your IT Dept. update your Windows 10 to version 1903)