To my esteemed readers – whether family, friends, or fellow advocates for Climate Emergency and Adaptive Resiliency – I extend this urgent plea: update your devices when I give you a heads-up about it. When I send out notifications urging you to refresh your iPhone, Androids, laptops, or any other tech in your arsenal, it’s not a casual suggestion. It’s rooted in a deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape, gleaned from vigilant monitoring of both Cybersecurity and Hacker World news.

These advisories stem from concrete evidence – whether gleaned from bulletins or videos – illustrating the imminent threats lurking in the digital realm. I implore you not to dismiss these warnings lightly. Instead, take a moment to navigate to your device settings and check for pending updates. If you’re unsure how to proceed, a quick online search or tutorial video can provide step-by-step guidance.

With the rise of AI, cyber attacks have evolved into sophisticated and perilous endeavors. The importance of staying ahead of these threats cannot be overstated. Conversations with Th!rd Act have revealed a concerning trend: many older individuals remain unaware of these risks, while younger generations often underestimate their significance. Yet, I assure you, vigilance is paramount.

Contemplating solutions, I’m considering hosting weekly Zoom sessions within my communities to share insights on bolstering device security. A wealth of resources exists, from security apps like Glasswire, ESET, and Zone Alarm to AI-driven tools like Perplexity and Consider integrating apps such as Gemini (by Google), Notion, Tick Tick (an Online Organizer), and Bings Copilot into your device arsenal for added protection.

While I’m not engaged in Affiliate Marketing currently, I have plans to delve into this realm come summer, unveiling a novel concept aimed at empowering users while offering practical assistance. Stay tuned for updates on this endeavor.

In essence, prioritize your safety and well-being by remaining informed and secure. I’ll be subtly nudging you to revisit this advice with each passing post. Consider this a friendly reminder to prioritize your digital security.

And a special nod to the IT industry stalwarts: check out their YouTube channel for invaluable insights and recommendations. When seeking guidance, opt for videos that are not only recent but also boast a significant viewership – a testament to their credibility and relevance. Let’s navigate this digital landscape together, fortified by knowledge and proactive measures.


In the realm of our urgent Climate Emergency and our collective journey towards a sustainable future, the reliability and security of our devices hold paramount importance. In times of crisis, they serve as our lifelines, enabling us to connect with others, access vital resources, and safeguard essential data stored in our phones or connected Cloud Spaces.

While acknowledging that absolute security is an elusive goal, we can certainly fortify our defenses against skilled hackers and malicious actors. Staying informed and promptly applying necessary updates form the cornerstone of our digital defense strategy.

As highlighted earlier, the evolving landscape of AI introduces both promise and peril. The ethical use of AI rests in the hands of its wielders – it can either serve noble intentions or fuel nefarious deeds.

For those engaged in Climate Marches, remote work in cafes, or outdoor meetings, investing in a VPN like NORD and utilizing security keys such as Yubikeys equipped with NFC and FIDO authentication can provide an added layer of protection. (I plan to become an affiliate for these products in the future, recognizing their value.)

Moreover, exercising caution by disabling Wi-Fi or data connectivity in certain environments – like subway tunnels or airplanes – or utilizing Airplane mode when the device is not in active use can mitigate potential risks.

Drawing from personal experience, I’ve encountered the perils of lax security firsthand. Instances where remote intruders compromised my laptop in Jamaica Queens, leading to significant damage, underscore the urgency of staying vigilant. Such encounters underscore the importance of swift action, informed decision-making, and proactive investment in security measures.

In conclusion, prioritizing safety over complacency is paramount. By staying informed, implementing updates, and embracing robust security measures, we can navigate the digital landscape with confidence and resilience.

Best regards,