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: My Proposed Self-Directed Learning (SDL) Training and Study Schedule?

Since March 2006, I’ve been on a journey of self-education about the Climate Crisis, primarily through reading, podcasts, and videos, despite lacking formal certification or a degree. This realization was emphasized by an instructor during a climate class, who advised me to pursue certification regardless of my age.

While I’ve matured over the years, my passion for deepening my understanding remains unwavering. My goal is to reach a level of proficiency where I can contribute meaningfully to communities in need, leveraging my knowledge and skills. By sharing my SDL journey, I hope to inspire others to join me in this endeavor.

Central to this endeavor is the recognition that personal transformation precedes effective external action. Thus, I’ve outlined a rigorous training regimen to enhance my capabilities:

SDL Training Components:

– The Art of Listening, taught by one of the world’s leading Hostage Negotiators, a skill I aspire to master.

– Thorough review of my notes from Climate Change Professional Officer Training, culminating in certification.

– Delving into my extensive library of resources—books, articles, podcasts, and videos—on various facets of the Climate Emergency.

– Participation in webinars and Zoom meetings hosted by climate organizations.

– Staying updated on climate-related current events, news, innovations, and developments.

– Engaging with a personal online community, inviting others to join me on this journey.

– Utilizing a private book club community to collaboratively produce an online ‘Adaptive Resilience’ E-Book.

Sharing my SDL journey serves a dual purpose: to learn and to inspire others to embark on similar paths. Furthermore, with enhanced training, my aim is to provide support to everyone, even those who hold divergent views.

For those interested in joining my private SDL book club community, priced at $29.99 per year, please reach out to me at All are welcome to join at any time, with the exception of the ‘Art of Listening SDL Training.’

Reflecting on my past approach, I’ve come to realize that demonstrating fearlessness to everyone, including dissenters, isn’t necessary. What’s crucial is maintaining a sense of purpose and vitality.

I’ll be checking back in around February 2025! Until then, take care and stay safe.

Warm regards,