“Every man has a right to be wrong in his opinions. But no man has a right to be wrong in his facts.” – Bernard M. Baruch

I understand some on the front lines contention that ‘Denialism’ is not what is holding back Climate Action, however I strongly sense it depends on which country one is making this assertions on.  For some countries it might be a different wedge towards Climate Action such as lack of political will.

Here in the United States it is lack of political will as well, yet in my opinion and experience it is more ‘greed based denialism’ and manipulation of facts—misinformation–by those who are brought by the fossil fuel industry in government and media such as Rush Limbaugh, and those other influential individuals, talks shows, and other media outlets that deadlocks Climate Action. 

There is also brute-force intimidation from which I personally have experienced trauma due to these maneuvers from the hired-hands of the fossil fuel.  By brute force I am indicating intimidation, bullying, harassment, illegal surveillance, stealing materials, hacking, breaking into homes and more.  One is left devastated due to this, please not tis this is based on first-hand experience. 

One must realize that the number of Climate Deniers and Anti-Science is very large however we ethical science minded individuals outnumber them by billions even if they are supported by financial power.

These talk show, influential influences, and some media outlets incite those who are ignorant of science by further deluding or brain-washing them and then the fossil fuel uses this to their advantage by funding them to spouse and act on their anti-science and denial rhetoric.  Denialism in the United States is like a very old tree that roots run far and deep, the misinformation is funneled through the media, schools, social media and more.  People just don’t know what is valid or not. 

This is why in this country one of the main Climate Action needed right now is to vote out these influences by replacing their mouthpieces (paid politicians) with those who are ethical, believe in the science of this Climate Emergency and have a firm perception of the cause and effect of our current predicament (COVID-19 as well) and especially its effect on generations to come.  I am not just talking about the 2020 elections, but all elections into the future.

In this country our Justice Department in Washington works in tandem with other agencies and Fossil Fuel hired-hands (hopefully this fact changes after our upcoming elections).  I know this 100% first hand due to a few specific experiences (incidents) with my company and the amount of injustice and direct attacks my company has endured for the last four years.

Not only do they walk the halls of our government and possibly state offices they as indicated are also involved in illegal activities to block Climate Action in people’s daily life.

Even ideas and suggestions we’d like to offer our president and elected officials is a known reality that it will have little to no traction in even being read or if read, considered.  This is a fact when you have a government that is run by the fossil-fuel, dark money, unethical leaders and predatory companies.  Once again, we are hoping this is addressed and transformed with the next administration

So in closing what is needed in this country as a definitive necessity is to vote (in every election) those who are in line with the fossil-fuel and those unethical predatory companies out of office by selecting those leaders that are ethical, compassionate and are working towards the realization of the Green New Deal. 

By continuing with the dangers due to the fossil-fuel, dark money, unethical leaders and predatory companies, their greed is literally walking us to a Climate that rivals the planet Venus.  We have to literally vote these influences and greed based leaders out of office.  Our children deserve at least this much from us.

So yes, although Greed and Denialism might not be predominant in your country, wherever you are on this planet, I can assure you that its root run deep in this country (USA).  So much so that the mainstream media, politicians, companies, internet providers, social media outlets, and others need to defossilize for the survival of humankind and to pull away from this crime against humanity.. 

Step #1 for us in the United States is to vote wisely in every election for those who are the harbingers of this deranged and lurid nightmare to be unseated.  Follow the lead of organizations such as Earth Guardians, Sunrise Movement, Extinction Rebellion, The Climate Mobilization,, The Leap, Climate Reality, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and the list is extremely long now and constantly growing.  I will do my best to list a directory of them on a custom page.

In fact, Sunrise Movement and Earth Guardians always have awesome activities you can immerse yourself in that directly works on making sure people vote for the correct candidates.  Sometimes we need this help to make sure we are making a sound decision and learn more about the candidates and what they stand for.

More to come…

Created 6.25.2020