After reading Chris Hedges article I felt really, really startled, in fact more so than from the alarming climate news I am always reading. He is brutally straight-forward and when pondering what he is saying it is in fact a staggering type of truthful characterization of our current predicament.

I do realize this is one road, meaning by us not taking quick necessary action, however things are changing but not as fast as they should and unfortunately those in power are fighting just as hard as he indicates. The parts about the President and the military I did not know, however if they are reading this please electrify as soon as possible for our children’s sake.

Fossil fuels which is now world-wide knowledge that they prefer profit over life is beyond notable that their actions are extremely predatory and if we (including those in power reading this) allow it they will definitely end us as Mr. Hedges indicates if we do not.  Ponder for a second, our children being driven to extinction, let it simmer in your mind the impact of not taking the necessary actions as our elected leadership.

Also after viewing the comments to this article it is clear many feel strongly that it is over, it is too late and we are doomed. I simply do not feel this, I sense we will sustain damage, however as humans we have overcome great obstacles in the past yet what makes this different is that we are forced to change on a deep level. Meaning change everything, our way of living, self-transform ourselves, diets, etc…

Another aspect is voting the individuals out of office that cater to these predatory unethical companies and wealthy individuals (mentioned in the article) is of grave importance as we want to have some semblance of steering away from the outcomes of what Hedges specifies.

I believe that the more educated people become about what is happening to us, how we arrived here and what we can collectively do to remediate this the quicker we can transition towards a regenerative economy as described in the NY Renews training I recently attended. I strongly suggest one attends the training themselves and better yet become a facilitator. I am learning more about this myself (and how to implement circularity into this training going forward).

Finally, I and many others agree on is that what is needed from individuals is a certain type self-transformation, the type that is based on a rooted philosophy of life, that values humans, biodiversity and animal species. A philosophy that places life above wealth and power; which moves society towards harmonious and peaceful society. It is possible but we each individually have to work towards it by taking responsibility and transforming our lives internally which creates an external positive effect.

This comment below from ‘J Anthony’ sums it up correctly, we must not have regrets, we must do our best and we must be relentless in our endeavors to secure a sustainable planet for our inheritors. We must act in a collective and cooperative way.  We must PERSIST in a vision that is humanistic and sustainable and with this vision work tirelessly to attain it collectively.

Commenter: J Anthony | Yes. All viable, doable things. The biggest obstacle is getting millions, even billions, of people to understand and act in a collective, cooperative way.

Here are two locations of the article – The Dawn of the Apocalypse.

… Have a read but brace yourself…

Consortiumnews & Scheerpost

The article above was published in late July, however he published another article on or about August 15th, 2022:

Chris Hedges: The Final Collapse (Consortiumnews)

Chris Hedges: We Are Not the First Civilization to Collapse, but We Will Probably Be the Last (Same article at Sheerpost)

(My comment still applies, although this is another extremely powerful article.  It has the potential to make one lose hope, yet we cannot, we must persist to not only survive but to survive in a humanitarian way, to stop in our tracks and take note of what each of us has to do.  One is to remove those who need to be removed from power at each and every election henceforward and the other is our own self-transformation.  I have determined that I will become trained and start holding online dialogue forums in the future to assist with this.)