Climate Emergency Note to Trump Supporters… Please read this before voting next month…

This is also a note to those on the fence in terms of their voting decision and perhaps even those who religious conviction motivates their voting decision.

“We live in a world where unfortunately the distinction between true and false appears to become increasingly blurred by manipulation of facts, by exploitation of uncritical minds, and by the pollution of the language.” – Arne Tiselius

Everyone is entitled to their opinion however those opinions can sometimes be masqueraded as manipulation of facts and valid perceptions. We recently watched a few news coverage of individuals who said that the left or progressives are coming to take all of their belongings or more, that they were going to steal our hopes, dreams and ideas. That socialism (that references assistance from the government and state) was immoral.

One idea that will help pull one away from ‘opinions or thoughts designed to manipulate our way of thinking’ is to question source(s) of information and/or news, such as what exactly is meant or what seems totally doubtful; therefore it helps to have complete understanding established first. Having doubts is human nature and we all share this, so it is OK for us to doubt information or news that does not appear to be plausible or that even might be motivated by self-interest.

“Freedom of speech and freedom of action are meaningless without freedom to think. And there is no freedom of thought without doubt.” – Bergen Evans

When one relays to us that someone or a group will do this or that against us or if they say that the source does not know this or that, then ask for specifics and when given perhaps we might also question what they mean precisely in detail as well as their source.

Basically always request to know the source(s) of the assertions and that complete understanding is established before moving forward, request that they share with us the original context of the content they are communicating to us.

This applies to all those who tell us supposed facts from the President on down the Podcasters, YouTube celebrities, and even those who stand in our own circles. As an example, I read somewhere that when seat-belts were introduced in cars, people cut them out, refused to use them and more for the very same reason, ignorance and misinformation. Now you can question me yet a quick Ecosia search will yield these assertions and thereby enlighten you that this is actually fact based on something historical.

There are also many who are wealthy and have political power yet are extremely grounded in superiority, greed, and/or self-absorption. They will go out of their way to relay misinformation, outright lies, and a need for or to maintain power, and as a result these perpetrators in turn continue to manipulate all of us. The question is whether we fall prey to their antics or not.

Of these one of the worst is those whose actions are motivated by greed and they whether individuals or corporations will do whatever it takes to heighten or keep their wealth at our expense.

Please question thoroughly, research, question more, and always request the source. Be cautious in accepting things at face value and more often than not time reveals the intentions of those who want to either manipulate our thoughts or satisfy their self-interest at our expense. Unfortunately this can be too late for the necessary change that should have happened.

We can be rest assured that we all want the same thing which is basic human rights and dignity, such as unrestricted healthcare, inexpensive housing, unionized jobs, unhindered education and nutritional food on our tables and more.

“No one’s immune now, to a world of problems. No one’s exempt now, from a world of pain!” – Joan Jett

It becomes apparent and highly doubtful that anyone is coming to remove anything we value from us as one will find that the very people we are told to watch out for are the same ones that want the same thing that we do. It is also in our DNA to hope for better circumstances, which has its roots in human dignity in all of our lives.

The remedy outside of questioning and fact-checking is to read, whether a book a year, a week or a month, we must simply train ourselves to constantly self-educate as opposed to holding a television remote and listening to other’s lies, warped thoughts, emotional rants and in the end accepting this as fact. If they are not given us specific sources then you pretty much can discredit what they are telling you as either nonsense or their intentions to mentally influence us.

Hateful action traumatizes the person it is directed to or worse; however hate inevitably destroys the very carrier of the hate. – Not Verbatim, Source Unknown

In terms of self-education and moving on to the issue of Climate Emergency, we all need to be aware of that Climate Change is a Origin and Consequence reality. Many times reason and lucidity are needed to understand realities that are actual emergencies and this also serves to pull us away from denial. Climate Change is now this factual emergency birthed by greed, a lust for power, and a need for control in order to maintain this power and greed.

In other words, although we might hold personal beliefs that others are coming to take our basic human rights, it is actually the effects of this very Climate Emergency that will do that and so it then becomes obvious that working together in solidarity to tackle this emergency is the correct direction. This has been more than obvious to all of us through the visible Climate Emergencies we witnessed within the last few months alone.

“Debating, doubting, or rejecting the basic scientific facts about climate change in the face of the overwhelming evidence and overwhelming scientific opinion will not change those facts.” – Bernie Sanders

The Green New Deal and United Nations SDGs are avenues for collective change of our environment in order to transform and adjust to conditions that will be extremely hostile. The question then becomes; will we also individually undergo the self-transformation that is needed ourselves?

These vessels of misinformation and lies have the potential to change for the better even if it takes a seconds or years, I know this first hand. We are always changing from moment to moment and sometimes the direction of this change is prudent and sometimes not. The potential for both virtue and depravity exists in each and every one of us.

Tackling Climate Change with ideas and solutions is not designed as indicated to take away our cars, hamburgers or whatever we have been manipulated to believe. It is in fact about altering these for the better. So these critical assertions about others intentions about/toward us is ultimately based on greed and self-interest, recognizing this is important for our mental and moral well-being.

Greed and self-interest based entities, whether individuals or corporations efforts do not revolve around solutions and ideas but instead in ways of manipulating us, the public. It is based on shoving misinformation and distortion of facts down our throats to be digested in order to find a resting place in our brains as denial and thereby creating shared cynicism and incorrect perceptions which in turn causes us to cast incorrect judgments.

In regard to the damage done to both our environment and mental health, a correct perception can be almost insurmountable without self-transformation, self-education and also putting our heads together which entails coming up with ideas, innovations, mitigation, adaptation and other viable means. David Suzuki hit it right on the nose with the following warning quote.

“We must reinvent a future free of blinders so that we can choose from real options.” – David Suzuki

Our dreams and ideas have the potential to help with self-education and the Green New Deal on a grassroots level. For instance one idea I have is to create an online sort of Climate Library or Climate Resource Center as well as several unique Climate Communities. But right now this is just a dream as it will have little or no traction should the same denial and climate action push-back continue for another four years.

One example of how to view those wealthy and political leaders that work to either deny or halt necessary Climate Action is this: Say a very powerful politician or similar who lives in a glass house and we viewed that the prior night he played board games with a neighbor, but the next day announced in a large public speech that he spent the night researching and working on creating a better world. Who would you believe? What we know from observation or their very own explanation of last night’s activities.

Regarding our current president and other elected leaders when viewed from some appear to be a good person and does what he says he will do. On the surface we might respect him with these opinions, promises, and decisions, however in terms of our environment for example one would learn from little research that his actions seem just like that leader living in the glasshouse.

For instance, on September 16th or 17th on Fox News our current president was asked about Climate Change (regarding the fires in California) and he did not answer the question at all but deflected by bringing up something about Vice President Biden and then the Stock Market, however if you we do some research we would find (factual) that he reversed mountains of environmental policies and regulations that worked on helping to improve or protect our natural environment and it becomes even more obvious with research that it was at the request of the fossil-fuel and possibly others.

“Be controlled from the inside of you. Be controlled by your standards. Be motivated by your decisions. Have high standards of behaviour that ride over the negative noise of others. Laugh with those who laugh, mourn with those who mourn, but don’t mourn when you don’t want to, and laugh at those who laugh at you if you want to. Determine not to be a photo-sensor that brightens the lights only when people are nice to you.” – Nana Awere Damoah

Hey! I might not agree or find that I am onboard with everything Biden/Harris promise or have to offer, however they provide those avenues needed right now and most of all will listen to our concerns regardless of what you have been told from those on television, YouTube and from other venues.

Our current president might in one’s eyes be a good guy to you, however in our doing the right thing in selecting a capable leader requires that we sometimes need to employ a critical mind as we did when viewing that leader in the glasshouse.

I come at you from a Climate Emergency point of view and really want to urge you and everyone else to employ your voting power towards this end. Between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, it is not a question at all of whom will be more capable in terms of working with us in tackling this Climate Emergency.

“We have not learned how to restrain the powerful impact we are having on our planet.” – Peter Seidel

I urge that whether you tell others that you are voting for Donald Trump or not, that you cast your vote for the Biden/Harris ticket as they will immediately help lift the fog of misinformation and doubt. Please realize that the government and those in political positions are representation of us, the-people, not the other way around.

The misinformation, lies, or worse you hear from those who berate Biden/Harris is only due to these existing unethical political powers creating confusion, doubt, and incorrect conclusions in order to maintain their power and/or greed. Corruption is very obvious and perceptible once you follow the money.

Our Climate Emergency is so dire and the fact that you have been influenced to believe otherwise will have uncomfortable circumstances in time and the reality of this Climate Emergency if not already in your life will be in your face as time exposes more of the darkness that this Climate Emergency brings.

Do not wait to feel regret for not acting on something that is factual. Many others who are experiencing this emergency firsthand will tell you that it is a reality that you will not want to experience yourself and with your vote you are helping yourselves, others, and many others to come.

If many are allowed to spew nonsensical nonsense, lies, misinformation, and more then why shouldn’t I be allowed to spew truth, justified warnings and the realities of those who are manipulating mankind.

“Remember, as long as you live, that nothing but strict truth can carry you through the world, with either your conscience or your honor unwounded.” – Lord Chesterfield

So in regard to our current Climate Emergency I call out to Trump Supporters, Anti-Science, Climate Deniers, and Conservatives to please vote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris even if you do not agree with all of their policies.

Tackling our current Climate Emergency equates to saving our children from inheriting a dying planet which is 100% verifiable precisely due to the actions of our current president and his cabinet.

For our Children’s sake please vote for Biden/Harris! Our children’s well-being is my motive and the essence of this blog post.

Good Day!