Adrian’s Comment:  This ChatGPT Tutorial is a Crash Course on Chat GPT for Beginners. With the increase in popularity, ChatGPT is still unknown to many people. In this video, I will provide a crash course on different ways to use ChatGPT.

One of the best in my opinion is Adrian Twarog and his method of instructing is excellent as he is very detailed.  Please go through Adrian’s video library and watch some of them.

Here are some other notable YouTube personalities with a reputation for being great at teaching AI knowledge, such as Siraj Raval, Andrew Ng, and Lex Fridman.

Siraj Raval is known for his engaging and energetic teaching style, often using humor to explain complex concepts. He has a wide range of videos on AI and machine learning, covering everything from beginner-level tutorials to advanced topics.

Andrew Ng is a well-known figure in the AI community, having co-founded Google Brain and later, Coursera. He has a popular online course, “Machine Learning,” which is often recommended as a starting point for beginners.

Lex Fridman, a research scientist at MIT, hosts a popular podcast where he interviews experts in the field of AI and machine learning. He also has a YouTube channel where he posts lectures and discussions on various topics related to AI.

In addition to Adrian Twarog, who is known for his detailed and comprehensive approach to teaching AI, these individuals are all great resources for anyone looking to learn more about the field.

There are a few others and I will occasionally post their videos here.