“I can make no apologies for following my heart.” – Gavin Rossdale

The Leap Manifesto, Green New Deal, United Nations’ SDGs, The Earth Charter, and now the ‘GEM’ are different in regards perhaps to approaches however the end results or rather the effect of the cause is essentially shared and encourages the following:

  1. Keeping humans and additional living species off the extinction list!
  2. Empowerment of each and every individual to live in human dignity and human rights!
  3. Protection of our Children’s future, not just from extinction but in all areas of existence!
  4. Protection of Nature and her resources that is meant for everyone and everything!
  5. Equal rights at the most fundamental level in regards gender and race!
  6. Protection of our Oceans and their inhabitants!
  7. Clean drinking water and safe non-toxic food!
  8. Access to free Health Care for everyone, not just Politicians!
  9. Free Education in order to further improve the quality of life and the planet for all!
  10. And the list goes on, however…

The Climate Emergency we now face is beyond critical and the action from the Governments (not just the United States) is tantamount to sticking their heads in the sand with a fist of money piercing out for the very perpetuators that are causing this effect.

This Climate Emergency is a reality and one that they will eventually have to come to terms with when looking away or denying is no longer an option, but an existential threat their very own existence (we ourselves have already past this point long ago) .

Eventually money will have absolutely no value, surviving will.  I know people prefer that I not instill fear or panic, however if we do not talk about the realities we are facing and act like they are not happening this will have a detrimental effect on not only ourselves but the Climate Warriors (Firemen, Law-Enforcement, Emergency Services, Teachers and Nurses) who are at the very front lines fighting.  (See GEM for more on this.)

Regarding an update of my intentions, I am or have been slowly working on the ‘GEM’ actually it will never be completed since it will always grow and transform, however I am also working on two other very important projects that attach to it and that I strongly sense will help or rather would be a contribution to helping us face and tackle this Climate Emergency.

I am one person and am doing my best but realize I can do better and will increase this momentum.  I am also praying strongly for several desires related to personal issues but most of all completely reversing or ending this Climate Emergency.

I realize it is very difficult to have hope yet we must, I at times strongly feel like throwing up my arms and saying; ‘what the hell!’, yet we must continue to challenge this situation as well as dealing with those who either do not care outside of lining their pockets (greed induced), are anti-science or stuck in religious distortions.

I am working on having a big chunk of my endeavors visible to the public by Thanksgiving Day and although I am currently struggling with some health issues that keeps me at home, this one fact is turning to be a benefit in a way as I am able to work because of it.

Please note that everything I write is for the inhabitants of the planet, not just the United States!

As always this message will self-destruct in 30 seconds… (Not just humor here, as ever mission that appears impossible can be reversed if the conditions are right I suppose.)

“What matters is not the idea a man holds, but the depth at which he holds it” – Ezra Pound