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I SAID — Go away, please do not visit this site.  I have been canceled by the Cancel Culture Brigade for being a supposed ‘Climate Activist’ whose efforts are inactive and/or not following the crowd at the moment.

Based on experience, this notice is more than likely from the fossil-fuel hired-hands pretending to be Climate Activists, berating, bullying, and belittling others in order to create inaction and lower self-confidence of those fighting.  It might now be a vehicle for them.

If you’re not on social media or as active as you once were, you are an outcast, cancelled, non-essential, etc… something I think is very dangerous or but at the same time very helpful (see below); Climate Action should not be measured by how active you are in social media.  A person can be very active just sitting at home praying, working on their laptop/computer and not necessarily have to be on social media.  Those on the front line should take heed as well before berating and bullying those other who do not measure up to their actions, this is twofaced.

Really it is not about the Climate Activist title as well, I am more concern about the future of our children than a cancellation or a so called title so being canceled does not faze me.  I see myself more as a self-education student, meaning I am always reading and thinking of helpful solutions and ideas in our fight against this ‘Climate Emergency.’

Yes! #BlackLivesMatter – I have been saying this myself in different words and creativity since the early 80’s.  It is beyond terrible what is happening to black and brown citizens, it is exhausting to hear over and over again these deaths.  It is as indicated very demoralizing, leaves one depressed and with rightful anger.

I admit I am always late to comment but careful to think out suggestions and ideas so when I do I can offer these as well.  No excuses though, I am to blame as I did not speak up and out earlier, so with that I will change.

Sometimes people have reasons for their silence, perhaps they are working on some new idea that can be added as an attachment to the Green New Deal.  Careful! One never knows that in criticizing another it might have the effect of making you looking foolish later.

I tend to blaze my own path and as I mentioned already everyone conducts their fight for justice differently in their own way, we should not be belittled, bullied, scared into giving excuses or disregarded because we do not act or respond to social issues much like others do, or even how you prefer we do.

I honor George Floyd and all the brothers/sisters that were killed by police brutality and violence by constantly working on improving myself and helping move society forward in a much more positive and humane direction.  This is how I honor and respond, one should both mourn and fight injustice in a way natural to them!

We should not cow-tow to threats, harassment, and attempts to degrade our self-confidence.  For those fighting this Climate Emergency, please do not be influenced by those who belittle your efforts, remember most of the time it might even be an anti-science or climate denier pretending to be comrades..  Remember your fight might be as different such as expressing yourself through art, music, web design, lawsuits, etc…

One last thing about Cancel Culture, my friend explained that it is a very powerful utility that we should be using ourselves instead to let the fossil fuel, banks, their shareholders, investors, social services, those complicit companies, mainstream media, and others know that we will not use their products and services until they stop in their participation that is hurting humanity and moving us to destruction.

The other time we should be using ‘Cancel Culture’ is to vote out those in office that are in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry in each and every election.  This we should be doing I argue as a means of protecting our children’s future.

We need to change the executive office and their cabinet with integrity and honesty.  So with that once again I would advise one to follow the lead of organizations such as Earth Guardians, Sunrise Movement, Extinction Rebellion, The Climate Mobilization,, The Leap, Climate Reality, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, and the list is extremely long now and constantly growing.

Thank you and I totally understand if you do in fact leave due to my termination, however please note that some of the information and ideas I will be sharing in the future might require some attention if you are an ethical person in power.

In the end I feel very happy to have been cancelled, it is a badge saying I am not confirmed or confined to the acts of others but can express myself in my own way, which to me is creative freedom.  My heart never forgets the deaths of my brothers and sisters, my Quoted Images are expression of the heart for them and all of us.

“Many great things indeed have been achieved by those who chose not to leap into the mainstream” – Joan Mondale

Thank you

June 11th, 2020


Came back to add this one portion.  Today I discovered the ‘People’s Movement for a new Political Party – The People’s Party!’ and became ecstatic and immediately sent word to them that I am not only supporting this movement but helping to get the word out.  – 08.31.2020