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This post is intended solely for individuals who are part of the Public Community.  We will convene on the 24th of each month. Membership in this community is by invitation only, meaning you must be invited in by a current member.

Introduction: In the face of the ongoing Climate Emergency, it’s essential that we come together as a community to address the challenges and support those affected by its impact. With the intention of building a strong and resilient community, we’re excited to announce our monthly events that will serve as a platform for dialogue, idea sharing, and community building.

We aim to organize events and suggest ideas specifically dedicated to supporting those who have been most affected by the Climate Emergency.

Building a Community: Monthly Events: Our monthly events provide a space for individuals passionate about addressing the Climate Emergency to come together and shape our community. We envision a gathering of around 11 people initially, with the opportunity for more participants if there is interest. The events will be centered around open dialogue, where attendees can share ideas, suggestions, and engage in community building activities. It’s through these gatherings that we hope to foster a sense of togetherness and develop innovative solutions to combat climate change.

Dance Sessions: Letting Loose and Strengthening Bonds: To address climate grief and anxiety, we believe in the power of collective activities and expression. We’re excited to introduce weekly dance sessions, held either on Friday or Saturday nights, where individuals can let loose, connect with others, and create stronger bonds within the community. Dancing provides a joyful and cathartic experience that can help us process emotions while fostering a sense of solidarity and unity.

Collaborating with Experts and Climate Warriors: To enhance the depth and impact of our events, we are actively seeking climate experts, scientists, climate warriors, psychologists, writers, and other individuals with relevant experience to join us. We believe their expertise and insights will enrich our discussions and contribute to meaningful solutions. If you share our passion and have connections within these fields, we would love to hear from you and collaborate to create an significant community-building experience.

Supporting the Affected: Events with a Purpose: Recognizing the hardships faced by those directly affected by the Climate Emergency, we are committed to organizing events specifically dedicated to supporting their plight. Through these events, we aim to offer a platform for sharing stories, providing resources, and offering practical support to those who have felt the full brunt of the climate crisis. It is essential to create a community that stands in solidarity with the most vulnerable and strives for a just and sustainable future for all.

Conclusion: By coming together, engaging in open dialogue, and participating in activities that promote bonding and resilience, we can build a community that stands at the forefront of the fight against our Climate Emergency. Our monthly events will provide the foundation for fostering innovative solutions, while our weekly dance sessions will provide the much-needed release from climate grief and anxiety. Together, with the help of climate experts, scientists, and climate warriors, we can create a collective force that tackles the climate emergency head-on. Join us in building a community that supports one another and strives for a sustainable future.


Support Climate Warriors – there will be more on this topic in the future within the Adaptive Resiliency book club community.