See also: Why Trump Is Partnering With Christian Nationalists by Robert Reich and also Christian Jesus v. Trump Jesus.

Video 1:  White Christian nationalism has been in the headlines quite a lot as of late. Brad Onishi is a former evangelical minister who once identified as a Christian nationalist himself. He left the church in 2005 and began studying religion and extremism. Laura Barron-Lopez spoke with Onishi to better understand the concept and its reach in American society and politics.

Video 2: Whether he actually has a messiah complex or is just conning his supporters, he’s playing to a growing GOP faction that wants America to be a white Christian Nationalist state, with Donald Trump as a divine ruler.

Video 3:  Christian Nationalism is a giant threat to our country. A danger to women, to minorities, to the marginalized and to democracy itself. While these white, Christian nationalists believe they’re saving the country from heathenism, what they’re really offering is a theocracy of top down control with themselves at the top. We must see this threat for what it is, and that starts with understanding. Tim Whitaker is the founder of the New Evangelicals, an inclusive, Jesus-centered community that holds space for those marginalized by the evangelical church and advocates for systemic change. Raised deep in the evangelical world – Tim had a crisis of faith watching his church leaders embrace a man who was so antithetical to what he had been taught to believe. He now holds the toxic churches and their leaders accountable, while still offering a home of faith to his fellow Christians. Please join us for this incredibly engaging conversation.

Video 4:  More than a quarter of Americans now claim no religious affiliation, a finding from the Pew Research Center. That makes the so-called “nones” the largest bloc of Americans. Judy Woodruff reports that for white Christians, the once-dominant group by far, there’s also been a growing political divide within communities as faith has receded. It’s for her latest installment of America at a Crossroads.

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A few days ago, PBS also released this video:  America At A Crossroads