Based on the search results provided, the “Let Them Theory” refers to a concept popularized by motivational speaker Mel Robbins that suggests the following:

Key Points of the “Let Them Theory”

1. When dealing with other people’s actions, decisions, or feelings, it’s often better to “let them” do what they want to do, rather than trying to control or change their behavior. [1][2][3]

2. Obsessing over and trying to manage what others do is a waste of our time, energy and focus. It’s something we ultimately cannot control. [3]

3. By “letting them”, you gain more control and emotional peace for yourself, and can build better relationships with the people in your life. [2]

4. The theory encourages letting go of the need to control others, and instead observing their choices and actions without judgment. This can provide valuable information about them and your relationship. [4]

How to Apply the “Let Them Theory”

– If a friend doesn’t invite you to an event, “let them” make that decision instead of trying to influence it. [4]

– If a romantic interest is not interested in a committed relationship, “let them” make that choice instead of trying to change their mind. [1]

– When dealing with a controlling parent or partner, “let them” behave as they will, rather than trying to change their behavior. [2]

– Use the “let them” approach to gather information about people’s true intentions and character, rather than making assumptions. [4]

– Apply the theory with discretion – there are times when it’s appropriate to intervene, such as if someone is in danger. [2]

The overall idea is to relinquish the need to control others, which can lead to more peace, clarity and better relationships. However, experts caution that this theory should be applied thoughtfully and not used as an excuse for passivity. [4][5]