“If it doesn’t start with you, it dies with you.” – Julian Casablancas

Born and raised upstate New York.  When I was a young boy, me, my friends, brothers and sisters used to help carry Conga drums into the woods, we would drum and then go to the creek to swim, bottle dig, catch snakes, harpoon fish and more.  .  I suppose my affinity for nature comes from these activities.

I am an unemployed Computer Technician which I also plan to posts tips in the future for those to protect their computers more securely.  I used to play chess and basketball, but sometimes mainly drum or play Petanque every now and then.  What I do a lot of is educate myself about the current Climate Emergency and all the various innovations working on tacking this nemesis.

I truly love reading although I do not always retain everything I read I find it so enjoyable and relaxing. In regard to Climate Change I have been reading numerous articles, books, attending workshops, climate marches, and viewing documentaries on Climate Change since March 2006 and have retained little to no knowledge, but have increased my desire to want to help in one way or another in tackling our Climate Emergency.

What moves me, like many others now more than studying and reading is the gravity of seeing with our very eyes the encroaching disastrous and concerning conditions of this Climate Emergency.

Originally I was going to create a ‘Conga Club Website’ but could not stomach seeing our humanity going down the drain, with that my concern for children, animal species and our planet took center stage in terms of activities – it is a necessity now for each and every one of us whether we want to admit it or not.

I am a private person, plus I prefer to not show my photo due to a very few wicked incidents I had with a few Climate Deniers, in fact I consider myself a survivor of some very brutal attacks directly from these individuals and have been traumatized due to these harassments.

This resulted in my seeing these anti-science, greed based climate deniers as an opportunity as they provided the impetus to transform some my fears and strengthen my conviction in this battle with our Climate Emergency.  I am much stronger as a result and as they continue I only become sharper in my endeavors and goals.

Now, being that I am the most insecure person I know; I am not easily bothered by things anymore including bullying and persecution due to my climate action activities.  Faith wise I am now starting to practice Buddhism (much more seriously), something I have missed very much.

My role model growing up was mom and uncle who was a police officer.  He had such an amazing heart.  I believe we can improve our relationship with law-enforcement such as have them working directly with us using the Green New Deal.  I really do and intend on sharing an idea that does just that in the future.

I am saddened by all the deaths due to COVID-19, I think some of us numb ourselves due to the pain we feel deep down inside.  It is a really sad and hopeless time but then I sense that we also have in front of us an opportunity transform our situation which also honors those who have died not only from COVID-19 but as a result of all violence.

.In all the madness going on right now with Police Brutality and COVID-19, we also must keep in the front of our daily thoughts that we are also in a Climate Emergency and that requires making causes to ensure humanity survives by leaving a sustainable planet for generations to come.

.If there one thing I am not lacking in is deep prayer; prayer for firemen and emergency services, prayer to see an end to ALL violence, prayer to see the planet start healing and the destruction arriving daily now diminished and prayer for my fellow man/woman safety, well-being, protection, and health.  I strongly believe spirituality is equally as important as to me action that is based on strong compassionate prayer is vital.

Our future self does not exist in some far-off place; it exists in the heart and mind of our present self. That is why we must face and tackle the realities that confront us. – Daisaku Ikeda

It is a tough time and I like millions of other sense we can somehow find ways to transform all the violence, deaths, and sadness into peace, hope and optimism.  I believe we can work in solidarity in realizing a sustainable planet even if we hang from a thread of humanity’s future survival.