Happy Climate Emergency New Years 2023!

Some simple (and free) tech advice:

I have been doing this for some time (tech-support) and highly suggest that you now do this, even if just a bit.  Search for hacking and sites related to hacking and device news that focus on attacks towards all your devices and subscribe to a few.  This way you will be up on the news regarding these attacks and secondly you will undoubtedly become more tech savvy, regardless what you do for a living.  In the future I will host some self-tech support dialogue groups and rooms within the communities towards enhancing self-education (see cccmty.com).

For me/us (cCc) the priority for 2023 continues, dialogue to keep us all focused on our Climate EmergencyAmazing things are happening finally, but let us hope they are implemented quickly enough regardless of the financial reasons, our children of tomorrow do not need excuses like this anymore.  We are either saving their lives or we are destroying their future, thereby moving us closer to that type of future we rather avoid if at all possible.

Happy New Years to all my friends and family.


Suggest subscribing to Wired and Cysecurity News as I share three of their articles below:


Twitter Data Breach: Hacker Posted List of Hacked Data of 400M Users


Are You Really Prepared for a Ransomware Attack?


Five Different Passive Attacks that are Simple to Miss


Climate Action Suggestions:  Check out and subscribe to Bill McKibben’s newsletter (this is a good one) in one form or another and for-goodnes-sake please if you are in your Th!rd Stage of life, consider signing up with Th!rd Act.  Also consider The Climate Mobilization and The Sunrise Movement, to name just a few (there are now many awesome climate orgs.).

For Climate Action News I strongly suggest subscribing to Inside Climate News as a priority climate news source.

Happy New Years.