Listen! There’s nothing worse to me than someone who can not seem to mind their own damn business. Yes, I said damn! In my opinion the two personality traits that’s close to being an art form is someone who can: 1) be quiet 2) mind their business.

It takes a real intuitive person to know when their voice and opinion is needed and when it’s not. One thing I’ve noticed about nosey people is their life tends to be a hot mess (in one way or another).

They could definietly use Iyanla to come “Fix Their Life” for the better. But since Iyanla isn’t immediately available, I’ll share a few reasons why Minding Your Business Leads To A Better Life. 


You’ll be surprised how much time you waste meddling in someone else’s business. All for what? At the end of the day, if your intentions aren’t good then you’ve wasted valuable time that you could’ve invested in bettering yourself. There’s so much more that can get accomplished other than gossiping and trolling.


My mom tends to find herself in the middle of family (non-family) relationship drama. How? I don’t know. But whenever she’s in the thick of it, her blood pressure is on 10, she’s on edge and she gets stomach aches. I get annoyed because all of that could have been avoided if she stayed out of it! Once she learned the beauty of not getting involved her life became stress-free. Less stress leads to better health. Better health leads to a better life. Do you see where I’m going with this?


From what I can remember, being that nosey neighbor or that nosey co-worker has always led to a lonely life. The majority of the time people refrain from engaging with you because of your overbearing need to pry. Additionally, your ooze of mistrust plays a part in the lack of social interaction. If you worked on minding your business, you will notice people actually enjoying being around you.


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